San Jose Roofing Master

San Jose Roofing Master Launched a Brand New Website to Further Serve Customers


San Jose, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/17/2012 -- Tom Dunn is announcing today that San Jose Roofing Master has just launched a new user-friendly website and the company plans to include useful tips and resources for everything 'roofing', including repairs, replacements, materials, and hiring contractors.

Tom Dunn, media contact, was asked earlier why the site was created. "Honestly, it has been a long time in the making but we wanted a website that would serve our current customer base and potential new clients at the same time. We realized that in today's competitive market, customers expect local businesses to have an online presence and those that don't do not have as much business compared to businesses that do, it's that simple. The website also serves as a way for us to provide some useful tips when it comes to roofing, after all, a new roof is a huge investment and many times a good repair can gain you another five years of life from your roof".

" is interested in providing useful information to the visitor instead of just giving people our location and contact information. Roofing is something we're passionate about but the average homeowner doesn't find roofs particularly exciting. However, when there is a leak or the roof isn't performing well, the roof then becomes the center of attention, we understand this," said Dunn. Additionally, he added, "Our reputation and name mean a great deal to us and we have earned an exceptional reputation among all area roofing companies. Providing the best quality materials and service are top priorities when it comes to Roofing San Jose CA".

You'll find valuable information on the new San Jose Roofing Master website, including metal roofing information and roofing repairs. Other interesting tidbits on the site include free estimates, expertise in residential, small business, and commercial roofing. The company is licensed, insured, and bonded.

Asked what the future of the new website holds for the company, Dunn said, "Our website will be an 'information and resource' area for past, current, and future customers. Quite honestly, we're pleased that there has been such a huge response to our new site and it has also brought more traffic to the website than we had hoped. On a good note, this exposure is causing an increase in customers asking for estimates and hiring us for their roofing needs. We are thrilled and welcome the chance to serve the folks in and around San Jose; we have repaired and replaced a lot of roofs and with our website, we expect to see a large growth in our business as a result of this new launch".

San Jose Roofing Master's new website holds great promise since the company itself is solid and these contractors have been in the roofing industry for a number of years. Tom Dunn concluded by stating, "There are two driving forces behind the company, the protection and enhancement of our excellent name and reputation, and the complete satisfaction of our customers". These two driving forces will no doubt spill over to their website so that the resources they currently offer will continue to expand.