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Discover Chiropractic Is Hosting Educational Events on Toxicity Throughout the Month of April


San Jose, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/29/2012 -- Discover Chiropractic is hosting educational events on Toxicity throughout the month of April.

Remove toxic interference from your life by using the 5 essentials of real health from Maximized Living. Join Dr. Osborne on April 21st for the “Maximized Living Makeover on Toxicity”, located at Neighborhood Church, 1290 Pomeroy Ave. Santa Clara from 10am-1pm. Toxicity is a major, unseen influence in the widespread pandemic of disease in North America. With Maximized Living’s 5 Essentials, learn how you can take action to build your health and create a safe environment for you and your family.

“Most people have no idea,” said Dr. Osborne. “Things we use every single day have toxic properties, and they are taxing our health. We want to educate the community on easy action steps they can take to reduce toxicity in their lives.”

Discover Chiropractic is offering the Maximized Living healthcare delivery system in order to bring real health to the community. Learn the resources and tools for total wellness. Call 408-985-1111 to learn more about these events and the Maximized Living healthcare system, and find out if you are in a toxic environment by taking the toxicity test at

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Maximized Living is a health care delivery system working to fundamentally change the way people view and manage their health. Through its network of 1,000+ doctors, Maximized Living incorporates their “5 Essentials” in promoting natural wellness programs including: mental wellbeing, chiropractic care to maximize nerve supply, nutrition, exercise and detoxification.