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San Tan Gear Releases New Discreet Bulletproof Messenger Bag with Level IIIA Certification and FBI-Testing


Chandler, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/21/2014 -- San Tan Gear introduces the newest addition to their catalog called the ExecPro Armored Laptop/Messenger Bag. The ExecPro is Level IIIA bulletproof certified according to National Institute of Justice and FBI standards, enabling it to stop pistol and shotgun rounds. With the ExecPro, you can have a lightweight, compact bulletproof shield that is concealed as a functional, every day bag. The ExecPro now retails at $399 [20% off], half the price of normal level IIIA products, and completely tested by an independent facility.

Why We Designed the ExecPro

As we all know, in the United States, there have been many grisly shooting incidents. The list includes the Virginia Tech Shooting in 2007, the Fort Hood shootings, The Washington Navy Yard shooting, and just recently [July 2014], an incident in Pennsylvania where a wounded doctor shot an assailant who had already killed another in the hospital.

The FBI says that other isolated incidents involving active shooting may have turned out differently for victims if only they have a reliable personal defense tool on hand.

San Tan Gear's team thinks that if they had ExecPro during those moments, the outcomes might have been different for the people involved. Matt Warnock, one of the company’s owners says, “Most of us carry bags with our laptops in them on a daily basis for work or school. If a violent situation happens [e.g. shooting] this bag can be your life-saver that even the shooters won't notice.”

It's a great tool not just to protect one's self, but also people they care about during an inopportune moment. Weighing around just 5 lbs with ballistic panels inserted, this bulletproof laptop bag is still lightweight and functional, with a compact 12” x 19” main compartment styled as a normal looking messenger/laptop bag, it is great for everyday use.

Who is it for?

Virtually Everyone- whether you’re a student, business professional, attorney, judge, or plain-clothes law enforcement officer- we made it to help keep everyone safe!

About San Tan Gear
Managed and founded by Veterans of the United States Marine Corps, Army, and Law Enforcement with over 4 decades of experience, San Tan Gear actively strives to bring as many quality, American-Made products to the market as possible.


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