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Sanctuary Secluded Resort and Clinic Launches Comprehensive Treatment Range for Mental Ailments


Cornville, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2016 -- The secluded Sanctuary at Sedona, accessible via Sanctuary.Net, is healing common mind and soul illnesses by paying attention to all the layers of he human being. With a 1:1 client to staff ratio and a blend of ancient healing and modern therapies, the recovery facility advances complete programs for mental health.

Through the DNA influencing techniques, the Sanctuary staff can improve the body, mind and soul and address post-traumatic stress disorders. The place offers comprehensive PTSD treatment in a holistic manner, focused on the brain itself. The goal is to erase the effects of past traumatic events – anxiety, anger, insomnia and other sleep related issues, avoidance and many bad moods. These methods help make he world feel a safer place by rewriting the information in he patient's DNA and can manage grief as well.

The Sanctuary at Sedona offers codependency treatment too, for hose caught up in a dysfunctional relationship. People start feeling empowered as hey are put in contact with heir real needs. Codependency is also treated through a holistic approach.

The Sanctuary is at the same time an inpatient alcohol rehab. The specialists go to he source of the addiction, which is never alcohol itself. Thus, he treatment aims to heal the initial problem or trauma that led to drinking in excess. Also, it makes the abstinence from alcohol more comfortable, which will not lead to a relapse. Patients receive support during their recovery stage, in a private setting and with diversely skilled practitioners.

The same applies to the inpatient depression treatment, comprised of methods that can change the brain and its chemistry in a safe and reliable way. The staff is using the principles of neuroplasticity. It is a treatment ideal for those who are depressed as a consequence of alcohol and drug abuse and it is involving psychology and psychiatry too, to restore the mind and the body to their normal functioning and ensure recovery from addiction. Also count the prescription drug rehab for those who have been taking medications and gotten into a vicious circle, experiencing he side effects of these drugs. The treatments are never without the clinical component and no more than 7 people are allowed per series. These do not eliminate other forms of treatment prescribed by a doctor.

About The Sanctuary at Sedona
The Sanctuary at Sedona treats patients with anxiety, depression, stress disorders, PTSD and codependency through holistic healing programs in a secluded environment.

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The Sanctuary at Sedona
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