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Sandbox: A Disruptive, Super-Smart, Complete Security System That Sets a New Standard of Affordability


Clearwater, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/15/2014 -- In today’s unpredictable society, safety and security are important issues for homeowners and those who are responsible for any type of buildings that house groups of people. While there are many old line providers of alarms who now also offer video cameras, there is a void when it comes to security systems that are super simple to install and operate, that are as well integrated as the functions within your smartphone or on your computer, that provide the full set of security and surveillance people want, and that do so affordably.

Less than 20% of families have any security services in their homes today, and less than 1% have any video-related security capabilities. Those that have the most basic alarm service, have had to shell out around $100 per month to lease equipment and have it monitored, on 4-5 year contracts. The few who do have video surveillance pay upwards of $200 per month, in addition to considerable installation and set-up fees, and have the same 4-5 year contracts to deal with. Thus, it was inevitable that someone would create a system that utilizes all of the modern technologies available to us.

Sandbox, Inc. of Clearwater, Fla., is that someone. Sandbox has developed a comprehensive home security and surveillance system that utilizes home automation, and the most advanced sensing, wireless, video, internet, cloud, analytics, peering and notification technologies.

Sandbox, which can be operated through a Smartphone or the Internet, enables the homeowner to take quick action in the event of a break-in or emergency. And as an added bonus, the system is very attractively designed along the lines of the Apple’s and Google’s products and user interfaces. It should add to the décor of any home.

The core components are the “Cube,” the command-and-control hub of the system and the “Owl,” a compact camera device streams high-definition video from almost anywhere in the home.

The Cube connects and synchronizes all of the cameras, devices and sensors in the house to each other and to the Internet. The Owl is a full-fledged, wide-angle surveillance device. The D2 is a compact, feature-rich doorbell that takes minutes to install. Among its capabilities are a high definition video surveillance camera, mic, speaker, sensors and the ability to let homeowners see, hear and talk to anyone at the door from wherever they might be.

“The Sandbox home automation security system is a game-changer,” said Mike Reddy, Sandbox’s founder. “It comes with a limitless capability for people to keep an eye on the valuable things in their lives…and provides video, sound, sensor inputs… on a live, real-time basis. And it does so for the cost of a single surveillance camera, a smart thermostat or a few door tags.”

The most important feature, however, is Sandbox’s ability to help initiate action quickly and coordinate a response. 24/7 monitoring, which is a necessary element of any effective security system, is another area of Sandbox’s breakthrough design. While most companies charge $40 per month for simple alarms monitoring, and $80 and above to add surveillance of just one video camera in the home, Sandbox’s technology enables it to offer full alarms, sensors, audio and video monitoring for $9.95/month irrespective of the number of cameras or sensors.

“During an emergency, Sandbox is designed to enable users to do something about what is happening, instantaneously engaging all of the right people, regardless of where they are,” explained Reddy. “They can view all video, audio and sensory inputs on a real-time basis, and coordinate their responses.”

In addition to homes, Sandbox is ideal for schools, child care centers, places of worship, shelters, community centers and offices – anywhere safety is important.

To attract early adopters, and accelerate market visibility, Sandbox has launched an Indiegogo campaign, which can be viewed at

The earliest supporters who sign up on Sandbox’s Indiegogo campaign can score some pretty impressive deals. The earliest customers can get an impressive 40% discount off list prices.

“Sandbox is about actionable security,” Reddy noted. “That means you can do something about what is happening – while it is happening.”

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