Sandy McQueen Publishes Business Ideas with Low Investment

Finding the right business is always a difficult process. However, finding the right business that has low startup costs; makes the entire process almost too much for a fledgling entrepreneur to pursue.


Avon, IN -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/14/2013 -- Fans of the Yahoo! Business page have probably recently read about a large theft of 26,000 chicken wings recently. While this may seem a bit strange, with the Super Bowl right around the corner, it makes sound fiscal sense.

“You can do quite a bit with 26,000 chicken wings – including starting a new small business out of your home. The wings mean this is one of many sound business ideas with low investment income you will have to have,” said Sandy McQueen.

McQueen runs a blog that deals specifically with people who would like to work from home. Her most recent blog focuses on starting a new business with relatively small investments.

“Most business franchises require investment of some degree. The amount can vary from simply purchasing products to resell to tens of thousands of dollars in cash or real estate,” McQueen added.

For the majority of businesses with low investment you can run from home, it comes down to two separate groups: affiliate sales and service.

“Both affiliate sales and most service businesses have pros and cons. I try to cover each on my blog so readers can have a better understanding of the requirements of each,” McQueen continued.

A home-based business will ultimately be best determined by the specific skill set you personally possess and how well those skills are used.

“Deciding what skills you have that might be marketable is the key. Any business, even one with a low investment will need a specific skill set to turn profits. Without those prerequisite skills, the chances of the business making it are slim,” McQueen continued.

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