Sanex Provides New Insight on Different Types of Skin


Johannesburg, South Africa -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/27/2013 -- Understanding the various different skin types will help when choosing a skin care product. Sanex makes a range of skin care products suited to normal, sensitive, dry and oily skin.

Your skin covers the majority of the external surface of your body and is affected by all manner of environmental factors like sun exposure, the degree of humidity in the atmosphere and even diet and sleep. The skin is a truly amazing organ and needs to be protected by the right skin care product. Understanding the difference between the different types of skin will help you make an informed decision as to the skin care product you need for your particular skin type.

Different types of skin
- Normal skin: This is the type of skin we all want. It is well moisturised and balanced.
- Sensitive skin: People who have sensitive skin are more prone to factors that don’t affect normal skin. The barrier function of the outer layers of the epidermis is weakened, making it easier to damage.
- Dry skin: This skin type looks dull and lifeless. The fact that it lacks moisture also makes it prone to wrinkles, skin conditions and allergic reactions.
- Oily skin: This happens when your skin produces too much sebum. People who have this skin type always look shiny. However, excess sebum can block pores and lead to pimples.

Most popular skin care products add moist to your skin to prevent it from drying out during the day (not catering to any specific skin types). Using Sanex products, on the other hand, keeps your skin in perfect condition to perform its natural functions. It’s advisable to ask dermatologists about any other skin care tips.

About Sanex
Sanex leads the way in quality skin care products and are committed to manufacturing products that keep skin healthy and actively work with the skin’s natural processes. Through continual innovation and research, Sanex is committed to introducing new skin products that have reduced artificial chemicals and where possible are substituted for natural alternatives. Sanex offers a wide range of skin care products including shower gel, roll on, spray and stick deodorant as well as liquid hand soap and re-fill packs. Renown as a quality skin care product, Sanex offers a variety of different formulations for men and women to meet the specific needs of your skin ensuring it is well looked after and protected.