Sanex Provides New Tips on the Benefits of Healthy Skin and Skin Types


Johannesburg, South Africa -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/29/2013 -- The skin is by far the biggest organ in the human body and is responsible for protecting all the other bodily organs. For this reason it is prone to suffering the most damage from the environment.

However, many of us pay no special attention to our skin unless it is vividly harmed and we want to repair it. But the best method to great skin care is maintaining healthy skin by taking good care of it every day.

For example; if your friend would ask you “what’s your star sign?” you would probably give a quick response. And when asked to describe the qualities of people who share that same zodiac sign, you might give a long list of personal traits you think you have.

On the contrary, though, when the question is posed as it is in the headline of this blog – most of us would start scratching our heads.

Is it not important to know your own skin type and how to take care of it so it can be smooth, firm and glowing with health?

Benefits of healthy skin

Ask a dermatologist about skin types and what skin care products you need to use in order to maintain beautiful skin.

-It seals in moisture and locks out infectious agents. Moisturised skin is the best defence that your body has against bacteria and viruses.

-It also absorbs sun radiation. Small amounts of UV are essential in the production of Vitamin D, which has significant functions in the body especially the maintenance of strong healthy bones.

-Well-nourished skin does a better job when it comes to regulating your body temperature. When your body is over-heating, you’ll notice that you start sweating (perspiring). This is because your skin is aware that your temperature is rising and, to cool you off, it opens its pores and allows your body some breathing space.

-The skin and the immune system. As we all know, the immune system is what fights off every infection or hazard that our body comes into contact with. The skin on the other hand serves as the first line of defence against foreign proteins (such as viruses and bacteria) serving as an assistant to the immune system.

We also can’t forget the fact that we get the sense of touch from our skin. It also gives us an insightful idea of the temperature outside of our bodies (for example, when it’s cold you will see goose bumps on the parts of your skin that are exposed to wind).

About Sanex
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