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Santa Monica School of Dance and Music Starts Third Year and Expands Music & Dance Programs


Santa Monica, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/27/2013 -- Santa Monica School of Dance and Music started their school year on September 3rd. This is their fourth year being Santa Monica’s first and most popular studio that offers both dance and music lessons for all ages. The Santa Monica dance studio has expanded significantly since itsopening.

The music program has been growing rapidly and now offers lessons five days per week in piano, guitar, violin, and voice.Music instructors are all university educated and have had extensive performance experience, including working with musical artists such as Tate Stevens. The studio offers both private and semi-private music lessons to ensure each student can learn in an environment that is best for them. Normally starting off with thirty minute private lessons, the instructor will help decide when it is time to advance to forty-five or hour long lessons.  Each student has a set day and time to meet with the same instructor each week.

The music instructors are very compatible with all ages, starting with age 5 for private lessons.  They understand how to help students comprehend the lesson plan but enjoy themselves along the way.  Your youngster will be looking forward to seeing their favorite teacher every week for their Santa Monica music lessons .

Although private lessons start at the age of 5, the School of Dance and Music also offers “Pianotoons,” a group piano lesson where preschool aged children can learn the fundamental basics of piano and music theory.  This thirty minutes class takes place inside the dance studio with a keyboard provided for each child.  The class caps at six spots to ensure each student gets ample attention from the teacher.

During the year there are two music recitals in winter and spring.  These music recitals give students a chance to not only show off their hard work but also boost self-confidence by performing in front of a crowd.  The studio transforms into a music hall with lights, a stage, and every instrument needed to showcase the student’s talents to their loved ones.  Don’t worry about bringing a camera;the staff will be taking plenty of pictures during the show!  If you take a look around the studio, you’ll see pictures of students from recitals throughout the years.

The dance program has also progressed since their grand opening in 2010. The school specializes in ballet, hip hop, jazz, tap, and preschool dance. Each class is limited in size to insure that students receive a personalized experience during each class.  Don’t worry if you miss a class, as there are unlimited make-ups that don’t expire until the end of the June.  For those six-years-old and older, Dance Company is a separate, more rigorous class that provides an opportunity to enhance their dance experience.  Dancers who choose to join the Dance Company will perform at various events in the community.  Dance Company is also the showcase of the annual June recital, both opening and closing the show with a bang! Santa Monica dance classes are expanding this year at the studio!

The June recital is open to dance students ages 3 and up.  It is a huge, fun-filled production that takes place in a local theater, providing more than enough seating for the whole family to attend.  Each year the students blow the crowd away with their hard work, dedication, and confidence that exudes off the stage.

Beginners, advanced, and anyone with interest in either dance or music are encouraged to check out this amazing school!  Classes and lessons run during the school year from September to June with open enrollment at any time.  During summer months, the studio continues to offer dance classes and music lessons and in addition hold Santa Monica summer camps each week.

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