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Everybody and his neighbor dislike paying for home insurance, particularly when the weather is normal and things are going well.


Santee, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/23/2013 -- Everybody and his neighbor dislike paying for home insurance, particularly when the weather is normal and things are going well. What happens when things go wrong? That’s when home owners are glad to have their insurance step up. And that's exactly the situation that Gold Coast Flood Restorations have set out to advise and educate Santee, Lakeside and San Diego County, California residents about.

According a Gold Coast Flood Restorations spokesperson, a flood, or any disaster for that matter, can be one of the most sudden and damaging things that can occur to a home. "And we want our local homeowners to understand that it does not take long for the floors, walls, and ceilings of their homes to get ruined or personal belongings destroyed," says the spokesperson.

Noting that in such situations people become more aware of their need for insurance, the spokesperson says it usually then that persons will fully understand their dilemma, especially when the repair bills starts mounting up or when the family has to go spend time somewhere else thus incurring additional expense or suffer embarrassing inconveniences.

"That's why you need a good emergency flood restoration service on your contact list, because when an emergency arises, like a flood, you want to be prepared in such a way that life can get back to normal as fast as possible," adds the source.

Following are some common causes of flooding as pointed out by the Gold Coast Flood Restorations spokesperson:

- Leaky valve, faucet or pipe: A slow leak is the number one reason for flood or water damage in a home. This can be so, says flood mitigation expert, especially if a number of years have passed since it has been professionally checked by a plumber.

- Secondly, the water heater. With most homeowners not recognizing that water heaters need to be changed out every ten years or so, the experts say this needs to be checked regularly, and to do that, it must be in an easily accessible place. "Some make the mistake of hiding it behind a fake wall. If you want it out of site for cosmetic reasons, make sure you have easy access, and check it regularly," states the source.

- Thirdly, flooding from heavy rains that cause water levels to rise or rain water seeping through damaged rooms. Once identified, the source says, these can be easily fixed, thus mitigating against any possibility of flooding of the home.

Of the three possible causes of water and flood damage to the home, the Santee Gold Coast Flood source pointed out that more care should be taken where the water heater is concerned, because it is more deceptive if not monitored.

One common problem is water heaters going bad due to temperature changes. "Extreme climate changes," according to the flood mitigation experts, "can weaken the lines that bring in cold water and send out the hot water." These, they argue, are the two places that water heaters most commonly fail, and cautioned people to make sure the area where their water heater is does not experience extreme changes in temperature throughout the year.

Another problem area causing water heater leaks, adds the Gold Coast Flood professionals, are rusty bottoms inside the water tank. They say water heaters must be drained and flushed annually.

"Lack of this crucial regular maintenance can cause sediment to accumulate inside the water tank," says the spokesperson, believing sediment promotes rust and premature water heater failure in the internally integrity affecting its ability to hold water.

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