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Sapphire Bead Necklace from Bello Jewels in Gurgaon

The online gems store offers hand-made necklaces and sapphire gemstones based on customer choices.


Gurgaon, Haryana -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/08/2013 -- Necklaces beaded with unique gemstones holds its own an elegant look. Customers always hunt for new gemstone jewelry designs which may get introduced as per the changing trends or fashions in the international jewelry market. Apart from this, creative jewelry designs alone will not be good enough if the gemstones studded in it are not pure and certified gemstones. Customers always try to purchase jewelry items from a reliable store. Bello Jewels is one such store which deals with the supply and manufacture of a variety of precious gemstones. With its operations based in Gurgaon, this jewelry store offers quality gemstones at a reasonable price via online.

The company owner says, “Bello Jewels as a company was launched in 2003, in order to offer unique jewelry pieces specifically for all age groups.” The gem store offers an online platform and displays precious gemstones, gemstone necklaces, gemstones, diamond gemstone jewelry, 925 silver sterling jewelry. The jewelry store gives an option for customers to place an order online for any specific jewelry piece of their choice.

Bello Jewels brings out gemstone necklaces in different varieties. The company specializes in offering stunning designs of handmade sapphire beaded necklaces for specific client groups. Depending on individual client requirements, customized orders for sapphire bead necklace are taken. An extra effort is taken to craft these necklaces as these designs are fully handmade. Customers are offered single strand, multi strand, small or big sapphire gemstones all based on customers choices.

The company owner says, “Bello Jewels displays designs which are a combination of pure sapphire stones along with ruby, emerald or any other types of precious or semi precious gemstones”. The top blue sapphire necklace product categories offered by Bello Jewels includes - natural rubies, emeralds, sapphire beaded gemstone necklaces. There are also handcrafted multi gemstone ruby, emerald, sapphires beaded necklace, stunning natural loose blue sapphire beads designer 5 strand necklace, handmade designer natural blue sapphire beads & drop single strand necklace, blue sapphire beaded single strand necklace with ruby beads, turquoise beaded and handmade sapphire gemstone necklace, designer pearl of single strand & sapphire necklace drops, 69.65 ct exclusive naturally shaded sapphire lined single strand necklace and many more striking necklace designs.

The company offers 100% certification and full product guarantee for all gemstone products. It is possible to see the exact image of handmade sapphire bead necklaces displayed online. The company assures a safe and secure shipment policy combined with free and scheduled deliveries. All the specific jewelry items are offered to customers at a reasonable price range. For more details on stunning handmade sapphire beaded necklaces, visit, the company website.

About Bello Jewels
The company was founded in 2003 and brings out a unique online platform for customers to choose specific gemstone jewelry pieces. The company specializes in offering completely handmade sapphire beaded necklaces at a competitive price range. The customers are offered certified and stunning jewelry designs such as natural stones, rubies and emeralds, sapphire beaded gemstone necklace, drop single strand necklace and lot more collections online.

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