Joe Bragg Helps Employees Improve Their Skillset with Expert SAP Training


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/09/2013 -- Today, more and more businesses are switching to Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP), a programming language designed to simplify advanced business tasks. Although ABAP is a relatively complicated programming language, it has helped businesses around the world trim costs and optimize server architecture.

The SAP Application Server is an integral part of ABAP. And in an effort to get ahead of their competition, employees and prospective employees are learning SAP application server programming.

One website called aims to make SAP training as easy as possible. At, visitors will find detailed information about SAP courses and SAP lessons. The website aims to be the first place prospective SAP programmers visit when interested in learning SAP programming online.

As a spokesperson for explains, the site has been designed from the ground-up in order to maximize the user experience:

“We wanted website visitors to click on our site, get the information they need, and begin the education process in just minutes. We feel we’ve accomplished that. After visiting the SAP Training HQ homepage, visitors can click the bright green ‘Get Access Now’ button to instantly gain access to our library of educational materials.”

That library is designed to hold all the information prospective SAP programmers need in order to become qualified, including:

-Hundreds of instructional videos
-Create SAP applications in a virtual programming environment
-Presentations, documents, and other instructional materials

The SAP course, videos, and instructional materials were created by Pete, an expert SAP consultant. And as the company’s spokesperson explains, users can easily contact Pete through forums, email, or Skype:

“We’ve put a phenomenal amount of time and research into each and every one of our videos. We wanted our users to get only the very best information about SAP and all its intricacies, which is why we’re so proud of Pete’s work. But to give users the ultimate SAP training experience, we’ve made Pete fully accessible to students. After subscribing to the course, users can contact Pete via Skype, email, or our online forums.”

Whether looking to improve a skillset in preparation for a job search or interested in retraining for a current job, aims to simplify the SAP learning process and give users the ultimate SAP educational experience.

About is an online programing school that aims to teach visitors about ABAP and SAP programming languages. The website features hundreds of instructional videos, documents, and presentations created by an expert SAP consultant, and users can also contact that consultant over Skype or email after subscribing to the service. For more information, please visit: