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Sarah Laughmiller Completed a Photo Shoot for Miss University of Alabama


Tuscaloosa, AL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/16/2017 -- A professional photographer for a wide range of events, Sarah Laughmiller recently completed an incredible photoshoot for the "Miss University of Alabama" competition. During this incredible experience, Laughmiller was commended for her ability to suitably capture the glamor and beauty of each candidate.

The event helped to draw into focus the long-standing experience and talent of Sarah Laughmiller, who up until now has earned her reputation as a professional and outstanding photographer working within a host of different events, from fashion shoots, to special occasions.

The unique style and personality of Sarah's images help to set her apart from the hosts of other photographers on the market today. As a skilled professional, she has an incredible talent for capturing some of the most crucial moments in any person's lives. In fact, she has captured numerous photos of engaged couples, smiling parents, and blissful groups, just at the moment when they're best expressing their feelings.

Sarah Laughmiller prides herself not only on using the highest quality tools for her craft, with incredible cameras and editing solutions, but also a unique mastery of the art of photography that is entirely her own. Laughmiller has spent numerous years building upon her talents, and it's possible to see the authentic nature of her passion within every picture.

According to Sarah Laughmiller: "Once a moment has passed, there's no way that we can get it back. That's why I'm always alert to capture the most beautiful life experiences forever with a snap of my camera."

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When it comes to photography expertise, Sarah Laughmiller has proven her worth time and time again. She has been a force within the artistic industry for numerous years, and has honed her skills to perfection. In fact, she is widely regarded as one of the best photographers in Alabama.

Clients of Miss. Laughmiller believe her to be welcoming, friendly, and highly talented. She thrives on putting people at ease while they work with her, and knows what needs to be done in terms of lighting, composition, and creativity.

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Address: 408 Hickory St, Hartselle, AL 35640