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Sarah Ricca Blazed the EurHope Loreto Event in Italy


Rome, Italy -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/18/2013 -- The war of Sarajevo in 1995 was a savage one and it is remembered by people in different parts of the world, especially Italy. Many events have been organized in the honor of spreading the message Stop ,To The War" in a lot of countries in the world as it was quite important.

The "EurHope" Loreto event was organized and thoroughly celebrated by hundred thousands of people in Italy and millions worldwide, making the event to be quite a successful one. Many singers and performers showed their talent and gave several demonstrations of their versatile skills. During this event the singer "Sarah Ricca" was noticed for her performance.

Sarah Ricca has been known for her vast accomplishments in the past years, and now has been finally selected to pay tribute and sing in the memory of St. Pope Karol Wojtyla, an "Honor" that only a few professionally may have. Sarah Ricca is an exquisite Soprano Soloist, which is very difficult to find among musical combination as it brings out the beautiful melody of the vocals in such a way that is endearing to people on so many levels. The song she has been chosen to sing at the event is a religious one, fully composed to be dedicated to the Saint Pope Karol Wojtyla as it would further add more meaning to the beautiful event and the whole meaning behind it.

The event "EurHope 1995" was attended by the honorable Pope himself, along with over 500,000 teenagers and the younger generation to celebrate and cherish the perfect opportunity to involve in the exquisite act of saying NO ! To The War. Sarah Ricca has been known to deliver the best performances and would continue to do so as it is one of her many passions to perform amazingly on stage. The young and beautiful Soprano has been selected by none other than the Master Francesco Palmieri, who is also the composer of the song which was sung in the event. The religious song is called Salve Regina which is in thorough Roman Latin, and the record label company is the famous FP Productions while the track was recorded in the Forward Studios, Rome. Andrea Fabiani, Carmine Simeoni and Marcello Spiridori have done a wonderful job as sound engineer's, along with mix and mastering for the unforgettable track by Sarah Ricca.

Song Title - Salve Regina (Ed. Universal Music Publishing)
Singer - Sarah Ricca
Composer & Producer - Francesco Palmieri
Record Label - FP Productions
Recording Studio - FORWARD STUDIOS - ROME
Mix & Sound Engineer - Andrea Fabiani
Mix & Mastering Carmine Simeoni & Marcello Spiridori

Contact Info:
Director & Producer Francesco Palmieri
Italy Management Catania, Office Tel. +39 (095) 770-7167
U.S. Management Beverly Hills, CA Office Tel. +1 (424) 253-0313
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