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Sarah's Jump Rope Jingles: Teacher's New Book Brings Kids Together to Literally Jump Across Cultural Differences, Math, Science & Rhyme

Masterfully crafted by Josefine Fowler, ‘Sarah’s Jump Rope Jingles’ contains original and catchy rhymes written to teach educational concepts through jump rope play. While existing jump rope jingles were fun and entertaining, Fowler became concerned when she discovered that they did nothing to further a child’s education. Young jumpers can now skip over their rope while learning about math, phonics, science and even the importance of embracing cultural diversity.


Lake Worth, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/28/2014 -- When Josefine Fowler was assigned the position of Jump Rope Coach during her school’s fitness week, she had no idea her experience would change both her life and the lives of children across the country. Noticing that the jump rope jingles her students were reciting had little to no educational value, she set to work on a powerful new book now known as ‘Sarah’s Jump Rope Jingles’.

The book utilizes a unique educational strategy to get youngsters learning about core subjects while having a whole load of rope jumping fun.


Sarah’s Jump Rope Jingles contains original jingles written to teach educational concepts. It introduces practice in math, letters, phonics, science and rhyming. It is colorful and exciting. Something as simple as a jump rope jingle can cut across cultural differences and bring children together in learning. While it may be true that many children do not have access to a large yard for football, baseball or soccer, many if not all, do have access to a porch or patio.

“I have spent a decade and a half working with kids across the ethnic and cultural spectrum, and have always placed a huge focus on injecting fun into learning,” explains Fowler. “I was quite frankly appalled when I started coaching jump rope and saw that, while the kids did have fun reciting jingles, they offered nothing more than an opportunity to count up and down. They were not in the least bit academically challenging”

Continuing, “So, my creative cogs whirred away and I decided to create a book of jump rope jingles that fused fun, quirk and humor with a very real opportunity to learn. Math, science, spelling, and even days of the week can now be improved pro-actively, with children seeing it as a break from learning!”
Fowler sees huge potential for the book’s application.

“Schools are the obvious market but churches, community centers and even daycare facilities can put the book to very productive use. Don’t forget home, too; what better way is there to bring siblings together?!” she adds.

With the book’s popularity set to increase, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

‘Sarah’s Jump Rope Jingles’ is available now: http://bit.ly/11iRjFW.

About Josefine Fowler
Josefine Fowler holds a Masters Degree from Dallas Baptist University, and has been a teacher for the past fourteen years. She has a rich history of working with children from various ethnic groups and cultures.