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Sarasota Surgical Arts Releases Liposuction Treatment Option Special


Sarasota, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/04/2016 -- Sarasota Surgical Arts is one of only a few locations in the area providing laser liposuction options for both men and women, and they're currently providing a special on their service.

If you decide to have liposuction, Dr. Sessa will conduct two liposuction site procedures and then the third at only 50% of the regular cost. This makes a healthy treatment option even more affordable for people who want to look better and get in great shape.

Laser liposuction is quite different than your typical liposuction treatment options. With lasers, Dr. Sessa provides great results but without the pain and discomfort of regular liposuction. In the end, you're able to recover quicker because your body hasn't undergone as much stress.

Also, laser liposuction works greater to cause skin shrinkage versus a regular treatment option. The lasers cause 75% skin shrinkage, while a typical treatment only guarantees 40-60% shrinkage, so the differences are not only felt but seen as well.

Since laser liposuction is non-invasive, the procedure only takes an hour and then the patient is allowed to recover and leave. It's a much quicker process than alternative liposuction options.

In the end, laser liposuction is one of the best options for reducing fat around the cheeks, jaws, under the chin, hips, thighs, knees, arms and chest.

With non-invasive liposuction, patients can reduce fat and kickstart a healthy life in less time than ever before, and it's now available at Sarasota Surgical Arts.

About Sarasota Surgical Arts
Sarasota Surgical Arts is an award-winning cosmetic surgery clinic in Florida led by Dr. Alberico Sessa, who has been awarded the Patient's Choice Award for three years in a row. Dr. Sessa and his staff provide a multitude of cosmetic options for the face, breasts, entire body and even non-surgical options to improve the look and feel of any body. Dr. Sessa has also developed and patented his own procedure for lifting the face and neck with less down time, called SmartLift™.

Dr. Alberico Sessa
Sarasota Surgical Arts
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