Joe Bragg Offers Free Consultation Sessions to Sarasota Residents Looking for a Criminal Attorney


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/02/2013 -- Finding the right criminal attorney can be a life changing decision. Ideally, the accused wants to find an attorney that genuinely cares about the case and wants to devote significant resources into defending the client. The accused also wants to make sure the attorney is charging a fair price.

At, visitors will meet a law firm that aims to satisfy both of those requirements. is the online home of Musca Law, a Sarasota-based law firm that specializes in defending criminal charges.

At, visitors will find information about what makes Musca Law such a well-qualified law firm, as well as the specific areas of expertise in which Musca Law specializes.

A spokesperson for Musca Law explains the specialty areas currently offered by the firm:

“Our areas of expertise include all types of criminal law. We defend everything from sex crimes to felony charges and all other charges in between. Like all good criminal attorneys, we truly believe clients are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. And for that reason, we’re happy to give clients the best support available.”

Although Musca Law specializes in all types of criminal charges, certain types of cases are handled more frequently than others. The law firm regularly deals with driving under the influence (DUI) and driving while intoxicated (DWI) charges, for example, both of which are punished harshly under Florida state law.

The Musca Law spokesperson explains how the firm’s attorneys typically defend a DUI case:

“Pleading guilty to a DUI charge can be a very bad idea. Drivers may be forced to give up their license and receive thousands of dollars in fines. With the help of an expert attorney, even the most intimidating DUI charges have a chance of be dismissed. Our attorneys poke holes in every aspect of the case. We look at whether the officer had sufficient grounds to pull the accused over in the first place, or whether the roadblock was legally established at all. We also examine if the blood alcohol test was completed properly. If necessary, we bring in a breathalyzer expert to testify on the client’s behalf on the faultiness of the system.”

Many website visitors will be interested in the top right corner of, where they will find a ‘Free Consultation’ banner alongside a phone number to call. By calling that number, those accused of a crime can schedule a free consultation with a criminal attorney from Musca Law.

Whether seeking representation for a DUI or interested in finding criminal representation for a friend, Musca Law aims to change the way people think about criminal attorneys in Sarasota by offering free no obligation consultations and expert representation against all criminal charges.

About is the online home of Musca Law, a Sarasota-based criminal attorney law firm. The law firm specializes in defending all types of criminal law, including DUI/DWI charges, violent crimes, and all other misdemeanor or felony charges. For more information, please visit: