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Sassy, Sexy Debut Novel Invites Readers on a Roller Coaster Ride of Love, Lies and Deceit

Written by B.M. Hardin, ‘The Wrong Shade of Lipstick’ is the tale of a small town and a preacher’s daughter who’s past comes back to haunt her. Anyone who remembers falling in love for the first time will savor this delicious treat from a new author to watch.


Gastonia, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/18/2014 -- Savvily Published LLC are on a mission: to bring back classic stories that will have readers remembering their words forever.

Debut author B.M. Hardin is the first to test the waters, and readers won’t be disappointed. With the release of her first novel, ‘The Wrong Shade of Lipstick’, Hardin fulfills a lifelong dream to entertain those who adore a good story with enough twists and turns to satisfy even the pickiest reader!

“I’m writing to inspire,” says the author. “I won’t stop until I connect with my fans and show them how committed we are at Savvily Published to put a spin on old writing trends! We’re out there to produce stories that leave a lasting impression and satisfy a need in the market for solid writing, complex characters, rich detail and lots of romance too. This book is the first of many to come.”

Tracing the path of Skilar Parks, a preacher’s daughter from a small town, ‘The Wrong Shade of Lipstick’ is a twisted tale of secrets, revenge, jealousy and that first sweet taste of love.


"Coming up in a small town and as the local preacher’s daughter, Skilar Parks found herself constantly struggling to find her own identity. Before unexpectedly, her past and her present began to collide and secrets that she thought would stay hidden forever; were out in the open for everyone to see. Paying the price for her indiscretions is more than Skilar could handle and jealousy soon gets the best of her. The unthinkable become her first thought, the unbearable becomes her first actions, and the unsaid seemed to be the very thing that everyone was talking about. Just because it’s in the dark, is it necessarily hidden? Or can you fumble around long enough until you somehow stumble across it? The lights are on and with secrecy, history, and disloyalty suddenly all around her, Skilar quickly learns that no one can be trusted…not even the people she trusts the most."

As the author explains, there is an underlying message to everything she writes.

“Although my first wish is to entertain, I also want to teach lessons through my novels that inspire and motivate,” says Hardin. “My first readers have told me how much they relate to Skilar – and what a compliment! She’s a real woman, with flaws, emotions and a big, big heart.”

Continuing: “I think we can all remember falling in love, struggling with our identity and making that first major mistake that could cost us everything. When people have their backs up against the wall and they feel threatened or exposed – they become their true selves. It’s electrifying and very exciting to write about – and hopefully, to read about!”

‘The Wrong Shade of Lipstick’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1fkmOPA

Connect with the author through social media here: http://www.facebook.com/savvilypub and http://www.twitter.com/savvilypub

About B.M. Hardin, in her own words
"A Native of Gastonia, NC. Though I am a Business Major, I've always loved literature. Writing has always been a passion of mine. I've always had a way with words and the gift of "gab" So i felt it only necessary to share it with the rest of the world.

It's a beautiful feeling to be able to do the thing you love the most. When you find that thing that gives you more joy than doing anything else, pursue it; chase after it and dont stop until you catch it. Never give up on your dreams because believe me...Dreams do come true!!"