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Satak Support Announces the Release of Their New Software That Helps Users Combat 'Tech Support Scams'


Mumbai, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/09/2016 -- Satak Support – an IT company that is dedicated towards providing the best cost-effective software solutions with high quality standards, is excited to inform all and sundry about the probable release of their new software as well as what it has to offer.

Known as 'Tech Scam URL Blocker,' this revolutionary software has been designed to help users fight against tech support scams that so-called 'most effective' antivirus software and popup blockers cannot stop from affecting one's computer, let alone combat them.

Just as modern technology is advancing at an alarming rate, tech support scams are also growing rapidly. Gone are the days of spam emails, tech support scams are now on the prowl – seeking to scam their next victim(s.) Unfortunately, tens of millions of people have lost billions of dollars through this process.

These scammers perfect their art by sending pop up errors and warnings to a potential victim's computer via some sophisticated website programming. This in return freezes the computer, leaving the user with no option than to call the support number mentioned on the error notification - making them part away with their hard earned money to fix the imaginary problems on their PC or computer.

It was to this end that Satak Support took it upon itself to stop these negative acts, hence the design of 'Tech Scam URL Blocker.' "Although it is in the pre-release phase, this software would be released by mid February, 2016" said a spokesperson of Sakat Support.

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"Once installed in a computer this software reads the websites and the moment it finds out that a website is designed with tech support phishing techniques, it shuts that website down immediately and send the details to our server so that all the computers using Tech Scam URL Blocker can be updated. This complete procedure takes a fraction of second and the user don't even gets to know that it happened until he gets to the blacklist history" the spokesperson concluded.

About Satak Support
Satak Software is an IT Solution & Services company that holds an experience of developing innovative and user friendly software for demanding users.

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