Satiriball Are Trying to UNITE the COUNTRY with Pro and Anti-Trump Bobbleheads via an Indiegogo Campaign


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/13/2018 -- A new group out of Florida, who call themselves Satiriball, are set to release a couple of tongue in cheek President Trump Bobbleheads with the hope of uniting the country. The campaign, which just started running on Indiegogo hopes to raise $13,000 to finalize development and mass produce the unifying dolls.

The satirical bobbleheads come in two Trump-themed designs, one for supporters of the president, and one for those against the president. The Pro-Trump bobblehead comes complete with U.S. flag and MAGA hat. The Anti-Trump bobblehead caricatures the president's notorious wave of hair, suntanned skin and lips that represent the alleged lies.

Many similar bobbleheads to mock, toast or honor subjects have been made in the past but the Indiegogo funded creation is very unique and will surely attract many fans.

The idea behind the bobbleheads is to try and bring Americans together. When we asked the founder of Satiriball how she plans to achieve this through manufacturing bobbleheads, she stated: "You can love Trump or loathe him, but that doesn't mean you need to dislike one another over differences of opinion". She went on to say: "We live in a divided nation, with half the country idolizing our president, and the other half loathing him. Many fear, or find disgust with his policies while others view them as necessary. Pro-Trump supporters feel the president is a true patriot, while others feel he is annihilating not only the United States of America, but the very democracy we thrive on. Our bobbleheads represent a point of view in a jovial manner, so if you see one on a car dashboard, just smile, give a thumbs-up, wish them well on their day ahead. Like or dislike the man and his actions if you feel so inclined, but ultimately Love Thy Neighbor".

She raises a good point! The funny bobbleheads will surely elicit a lot of entertainment from consumers. The Satiriball website will also provide a platform for users to upload pictures and videos. Both bobbleheads stand approximately 5 inches tall and are due for world-wide delivery this July.

The founders have already produced the 3-D model for the characters along with the major files for the trial product. The next step is the actual mold, quality control, and mass-production. They will be manufacturing 5,000 bobbleheads right out the gate, with Limited Edition options. The project timeline is between five and six weeks following the Indiegogo campaign conclusion, or possibly even sooner. However, the definite quantity will depend on the amount of funds generated. Interested individuals can see the 3-D images at their website, and pre-purchase from Indiegogo.

Indiegogo is the main fundraising platform for the group spearheading the campaign, and are appealing to individuals and organizations to pre-purchase, fund or support the campaign by way of sharing via social media platforms.

The team behind the Bobbleheads is made up of responsible American citizens who are pro-equality and are pro-civil rights, human rights, and women's rights. They believe in, and honor country over party and adhere to the constitution as it was written. They come from all walks of life, and consist of Pro-Trump and Anti-Trump supporters.

Contact Details:
Gayn Wilson - Marketing Coordinator
Phone: 904-274-5050