Satoshi Shimizu Seeks Funding via Indiegogo to Introduce SKYBLUE Furniture for Healing

SKYBLUE is technologically advanced furniture item that can help people relax their mind amidst their hectic daily schedule. Satoshi Shimizu is looking to raise $30,000 via Indiegogo to bring SKYBLUE to the market.


Tokyo, Japan -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/17/2017 -- Known as "Furosaki Byobu" in Japanese, SKYBLUE is a folding screen capable of displaying different beautiful scenes. The decorative design of this furniture is based on an item used frequently in Japan's traditional tea ceremony. Satoshi Shimizu claims that this unique product can significantly relax the human minds in the middle of a life full of unrest and stress.

Over a period of four hundred years, "Furosaki Byobu" has been a crucial part of the tea ceremony in Japan. Traditionally, its function was to provide protection against the wind blowing out the fire under the teakettle used for boiling water. Gradually, it went on to become an arrangement in the tea ceremony. In a spiritual sense, it serves as a barrier between the world of the tea ceremony and the real world.

The unique features of SKYBLUE can be attributed to a technology called electrochromic that changes the color of glass from blue to clear. The color change occurs when a tiny current of electricity passes through the special gel ink placed between two glass panes. This system uses only a small amount of electricity, and the electricity flows only during the change of the color.

The color of SKYBLUE glass can be changed by controlling it via a computer CPU. A type of wood called Japanese Cypress is the preferred alternative for the frames of SKYBLUE. To ensure durability, SKYBLUE is coated with a natural paint known as Japanese lacquer. This lacquer technology is based on traditional art, but is still considered to be effective.

Satoshi Shimizu and his team at TOWA Co.,Ltd. have been developing SKYBLUE glass for more than seven years. According the company's production timeline, this product will be available commercially by the end of 2017. An Indiegogo campaign has been launched recently to raise $30,000 for the commercial launch of SKYBLUE.

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SKYBLUE is an elegantly designed furniture item capable of perfectly capturing the natural flow in real-world phenomena. The decorative design of this furniture is based on Furosaki Byobu, an item used frequently in Japan's traditional tea ceremony.