Plant Security

Satrak Introduces Updated Security Systems to Avoid Plant Theft

Satrak introduces its new high tech anti-tamper systems to their impressive collection of security and plant theft prevention units.


Scarcroft, Yorkshire -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/10/2014 -- Satrak introduces a vastly improved range of security systems to prevent plant theft and any unauthorised use of equipment and property. The Satrak plant security system allows users to detect any disturbance with their property. Utilising the updated technology of the anti-tamper unit, you can detect vibration or power interference during a theft and is instantly reported the user.

This industrial security system is a highly cost-effective solution, without excessive fees to monitor or recover the unit. There is simply just one payment before installation, and you are ready to go. Most security companies will have this along with a monthly fee to monitor equipment, However, instead of having a third party to look after your security system, Satrak enables the plant manager to have full control over the anti-tamper equipment.

Satrak allows proprietors to update their security system via software downloads on their PC. It also generates monthly reports to ensure that your equipment is maintained and has the right updates to protect you from plant theft.

A spokesman said, “This new range of security measures truly offers the ultimate protection package to prevent plant theft. We feel that our updated anti-tamper system gives the user full access to control the safety of their machinery and property”.

About Plant Security
Satrak, a United Kingdom security company, offers units to monitor plant vehicles, equipment and machineries. Since 2004, the company continues to install high-technology systems to protect and track all machines.

There is a one-time cost of the security system with no monthly monitoring charges. To learn more about Satrak and its security units, visit Satrak website or call 08702 418 754.