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Satrak Launches Video Demonstrating Their Plant Tracking System in Action


Scarcroft, Yorkshire -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/22/2014 -- Plant security specialist Satrak has launched a short video online to demonstrate how its specialist plant tracking systems work and how effective they can be. The company provides plant tracking and security systems to help the construction industry avoid the theft of machinery and to recover plant machinery more easily in the event of theft.

The company has now launched a video on its website to provide website visitors with a demo of how its security system works, enabling those who are considering plant tracking systems to make an informed decision with regards to whether the system is the right one for them.

Satrak is a specialist provider in plant tracking systems for the construction industry, and has more than 18,000 machines fitted throughout the UK and Ireland. The company aims to help plant owners reduce the risk of plant theft with the use of its systems and services, which includes, web based plant management, vehicle tracking and GPS systems.

An spokesperson said: "Plant theft is something that has become a huge burden on the construction industry, and costs the sector a lot of money. However, with our innovative, high tech systems, the industry can help to cut the risk of this type of theft. In the event that theft does take place, recovery is far easier with our systems. Our online video demonstrates just how our system works and how efficient it can be."

About Plant Security
The company has been operating since 2004, and was formed by a team of industry experts and specialists. Since then, Satrak has become a leading provider of security and tracking systems for the construction sector. Those interested in the services and systems available from Satrak can benefit from an instant quote by heading to the company website to make an enquiry.

For more information on Satrak, please visit the website or contact by telephone on 08702 418754