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Savance Health Allows Clients to Build a System to Their Specifications

Hospital tracking system that allows for Real-Time Tracking of Patients, Doctors, Staff and More


Commerce Township, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/29/2013 -- Savance Health, a recognized leader in developing creative software that offers innovative solutions for the healthcare industry. Their hospital tracking system allows clients to create a system tailored exclusively to their needs. With this real time locating system, clients can choose various options to help track and monitor patients, doctors, nurses, staff and assets in real-time. With this customized RTLS system, healthcare business owners can know where everyone and everything is at any time, in real-time.

Savance Health is able bring efficiency and unity to any healthcare facility or department using lean management cost saving techniques. Here are some of the benefits of our hospital tracking system that patients and staff will appreciate.

Patients will appreciate

- Automated patient check in with ID swipe registration
- Paperless account setup
- Better patient tracking and safety
- Reduced wait times
- HIPAA patient sign in with compliant electronic information sharing
- Greater visibility using an electronic patient tracking board in waiting rooms

Doctors, Nurses and Staff will appreciate

- Simple workflow tracking
- Easier check-in and check-out using RFIR and IR technology
- Major reduction in paperwork
- Instant notification of bed availability
- Exact equipment locations using RTLS
- Better on-call scheduling
- Greater visibility using electronic hospital staff display screens

Clients of Savance Health can build a personalized system in five easy steps. Each system is based on Savance Health base system, the essential backbone of the product.

1. Determined by the number of patients, doctors and staff clients will need to track.
2. Choosing one of our HIPAA patient sign in or hospital staff sign in touch screen kiosks to quickly register or check into the hospital.
3. Customize the system with additional check-in hardware options including fingerprint readers, magnetic and barcode card readers, access controls, and other high-tech options.
4. Healthcare businesses may also choose to allow guests in the waiting room to see the status of their friend or loved one of their HIPAA compliant electronic patient tracking boards. Savance also offers large screen displays for viewing and monitoring doctors, nurses and hospital staff.
5. Select one of their real-time locating systems (RTLS) for tracking patients, nurses, staff and assets. The hospital tracking system come in several versions including basic asset management, enhanced asset management and automatic location detection. Savance will work directly with clients to determine which options best fit the needs of their unique healthcare facility.

We can personalize your Savance Health system to meet your needs, contact us at

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