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Savannah Ellis Enlightens Readers on What to Do About Ashley Madison Leak


Henderson, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/24/2015 -- Infidelity Recovery Institute CEO, Savannah Elis DBA, MA says it's not time to call the divorce lawyer, YET. Here are 7 tips on what to do about the Ashley Madison email leak content.

The recent release of private data by hackers from cheating website Ashley Madison, amounting up to 2.0 GB has set in motion a new wave of panic among couples, especially those who have been effected by the online cheating website Ashley info hack and reveal. The revealed information shows that the cheating website hosted members from all over the world and apparently Australia is among the top. Couples affected by the leak, after learning about their partner's membership on the website and potential slip-up might be ready to bury the hatchet; however it is possible to recover from this event.

It is important to note that the revealed information does contain names and other details of unsubscribed members, who have been on the site, to perhaps have a look see, yet have never taken it further. In such as case, taking drastic measures is not advisable. Savannah Elis, the CEO Infidelity Recovery Institute suggests working on the relationship issues that may have caused this to happen. Another scenario where all is not lost is in the case the partner is a subscribed member but hasn't hooked up. Also, they could be frequent unsubscribed member who have the intent to have an affair or hook up. Savannah believes that in all such cases recovery is possible, if the couple is willing to put in the time and effort to work out the issues.

Savannah Elis provides 7 tips on what to do:

- Avoid Overreacting: it is advised that the couple stays calm and focus on the fact that they are still together.

- Timing: due to the seriousness of the issue it is important that the couple set aside a time when both can focus, and give the matter their undivided attention. This means removing distractions including phones, TV and kids.

- Listening: partners must suppress their natural urge to 'lose it', that is to scream and accuse the other of the worst. Hearing the other out is the best approach to understanding and getting to the truth.

- Strategizing: Once the point of views have been heard and discussed, the couple should strategize about what should be done. Savannah suggests that each person should come up with 3 ideas on how to make the relationship stronger.

- Action: After choosing one of the ideas, it should be implemented immediately.

- Seeking help: couple can seek professional help from a professional with experience in infidelity.

- Focusing on the relationship purpose: couples must acknowledge mistake, forgive and be willing to work on the relationship, if they love each other.

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Savannah Ellis is a Clinical Psychologist, infidelity recovery expert, and runs a successful counselling practice in Las Vegas and via eTherapy. Savannah has appeared on radio and TV in the USA & Australia.

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