Author Keith Hudson's Book Offers Money Saving Advice Just in Time for New Years

Now that Christmas is over and the savings account is depleted, Keith Hudson offers some great tips on saving money on most daily items.


Shreveport, LA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/28/2012 -- Author Keith Hudson is pleased to announce his book "Drop Utility and Gas Bills like a Bad Habit: Over 270 Ways of Saving Money on Electric, Water and Gas Cost" is available for sale at for $16.95 in paperback format. With the holidays winding down, along with most bank accounts, Keith feels the book and it's advice provides excellent relief for the average family heading into 2013.

Keith states "with the U.S. economy already slow and families coming off the holiday season, now is as important as ever to rebuild those checking and savings accounts." Drop Utility and Gas Bills like a Bad Habit: Over 270 Ways of Saving Money on Electric, Water and Gas Cost offers advice on saving money on gasoline for your automobile, saving money on your electric bill, water bill and more. Saving money each month can be easy easy as reading 59 pages of tips and advice on the subject.

The book is available under ISBN-10: 1424117682 ISBN-13: 978-1424117680.

About Keith Hudson
Keith was born in Panama City, Florida, in 1977. For the past 23 years he has lived and raised a family in Shreveport, Louisiana. While working as a financial consultant for the past 7 years, Keith realized how important it is for people to learn ways to cut cost and save for retirement. Day after day he meets with people facing the daunting task of higher living cost. What do you tell someone that’s retired, on a fixed income, and facing a 200 percent heating fuel cost increase? And what about a mom or dad commuting to work and facing a 100 percent increase at the gas pump? These are the questions that Keith realized needed to be addressed. This book is Keith’s way of passing money-saving tips on to as many people as possible.