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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/06/2012 -- Save money, improve money management skills, eliminate debt and get the inside track on saving money on all sorts of products. The more you can learn about running your own budget, banking and managing money the better off you’ll be to reach financial goals.

There’s a new way to learn how to become a smart money manager of your own money online through Money which provides lots of easy to follow steps on economic issues to reduce costs on consumer products of all kinds and eliminate debt.

Money Journal offers knowledgeable advice for consumers to improve your own financial situation, including popular quick lists like 5 Steps to Being Debt Free to how to Save on Gasoline every time you fill up the tank.

Money Journal isn’t just another one of those financial news websites. It provides consumers the leading edge from experts in finance, stocks, bonds and the complicated economic world the inside track on how to protect your own financial interests.

A near record low savings rate and high unemployment are troubling the world, but as signs of improvement develop one thing is certain: We’re in a new economy that will take new skills to handle. Visit Money Journal to find out what you just might be missing and tell a friend. It just might give you the edge and help your own economic recovery.

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Money Journal is published by an independent group of experts to provide helpful insight and advice on personal finance to reduce and eliminate debt and save consumers a lot of money on everything.

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