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Save More, Exert Less Effort: Pointers to Remember when Hiring a Crane Service Company

Before commencing on a giant construction project, the first and most important thing to consider apart from having the best and most technologically-advanced tools, equipment and machinery, is the cost. There are a number of crane companies who can provide the best and finest quality of tools and equipment. One should just know how to choose one which will not make a hole in the pocket.


Spruce Grove, AB -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/22/2014 -- It is vital for customers to remember that most of the companies offer a crane service bill depending on the amount of time needed to accomplish the job. Being prepared prior to their arrival on the work site can drastically lessen the amount that one has to pay upon the accomplishment of the job.

It is wise to have an on-site assessment and a quote beforehand. Most crane service companies offer the cost estimate free of charge. Neglecting this very important first step, expect to pay a higher bill. In this case, transportation cost would be an additional expense as there is a need to transport the crane to the site where there no actual concrete work can be performed.

Here are some useful tips to prepare so that one can save more when hiring a crane service company:

Situate the items which need to be lifted in areas that the crane can easily reach. Avoid keeping these items under power lines, trees, or other covered areas. This will lessen the needed time to get the job done.

Make sure that there will be enough parking and set up space prior to the crane’s arrival, this will make the setting up of the crane a lot faster. Make it a point to have an area of at least 26 feet in width and 36 feet in length, this is the standard space that a standard boom truck requires.

Come up with a well organized lifting sequence when in need of moving multiple loads with the crane. This way, the crane operator is directed which items to lift - minimizing the crane’s idling times. If it will be the crane operator’s decision on what will be the lifting sequence, the job will take a longer amount of time as they have to evaluate the site’s needs.

When one obliged the crane service company to lift just one large object, it will be of great help if it will be elevated onto a set of blocks so that the crane rigging can be easily attached to the object.

The setting up of the crane and tearing it down may require longer time than the actual lifting job. Lend the operators a hand during the preliminary set up and help them tear it down once they have delivered the service. This will greatly lessen the time.

Compare the figures you get from different crane service companies. It’s not bad to ask for a quote from different companies to do the project to ensure that one is being fairly charged. Always remember that quality service comes with a price, and this service should attest that it is money well spent!

Applying the tips above to a reputable crane service company will give a person the best of both worlds – top notch quality service at a lesser price. In the crane service industry, the company with the most experience has always been the most reliable option. A well-established crane service needs to show a lot of important strengths that the customer can rely on, like a wide range of parts inventory and technical support to assure that the job will be properly done.

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