Save More on Water Bills with TeraValve

Leading water conservation product development company TeraValve has developed a revolutionary water valve based on fluid dynamics that can bring 8-25 percent savings on water & sewer bills.


Summit, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/01/2014 -- Rising water and sewer bills is a serious concern globally, but TeraValve seems to have the solution for it. The leading water saving product Development Company has reportedly assured an average 12 percent savings on water bills through its revolutionary water conservation valve.

TeraValve is a part of the leading North American water and energy efficient product development group TeraHoldings LLC. The new patented water valve shares the same name with its parent company.

“With TeraValve, we promise you the most optimum water technology system for water and sewer savings. It’s a revolutionary valve engineered on fluid dynamics that can bring 8-25 percent savings on an organizations net operating expenses,” stated the company President Paul Pape.

He also added, “It’s our constant focus on continued research & development of efficiency products that has rendered us a leading status in water conservation & savings devices”.

Most of the water meters measure water on the basis of volume. Intrinsic inefficiency in water system infuses air in large volume that is mistaken as water only, resulting in exorbitant bills.

“Our revolutionary Water saving valve works on the principles of reducing water volume, maintaining PSI and increasing velocity. A second method of savings is creating a solid core of back pressure, so that the air volume reduces before reaching to water meter. Thus, the water meter doesn’t get to measure air which eliminates any question of inflated bills. Besides, the valve can even function as buffer against the surges aiding an even flow profile. TeraValve benefits organizations in 3 major ways- by assuring considerable savings on water bills, improving meter accuracy & elimination of excess consumption,” explained the TeraValve President Paul Pape.

The water valve is able to address any non-volumetric water users such as high-rise condos, hotels, food-processing units, property management agencies, golf courses, agricultural, car washes and laundry mats.

“We have the ability to extend 100 percent finance & facilitate financing for more than 200mm USD in energy efficiency and water savings projects in USA,” the President added in.

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