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In these challenging economic times, it is critical for businesses to seek help from travel management agents that provide first class customer service and measurable cost savings.


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/05/2014 -- Travel management in recent times has become a specialized business function that balances the needs of the employee along with his corporate and financial goals. It

- Ensures cost tracking and control,

- Helps in cost savings through negotiated discounts with flights and hotels,

- Facilitates complete adherence to corporate travel policies,

- Serves as a valuable information center for managers and employees in times of emergency.

The economic downturn has allowed travel consultants to take a central role in businesses and has made travel management an important part of the strategic planning of every top executive.

Although, the cost of travel is a corporation's second largest controllable expense, many corporations even today still misunderstand and undervalue travel management. Travel management plays a significant financial role in cutting down travel expenses and can thus contribute to the shareholder value of a business. Therefore, having an experienced travel management agency to manage and negotiate travel-related services does provide measurable financial benefits to the corporation. They can also monitor and analyze travel expenditures.

Corporate Travel Managers at offer clients a unique opportunity to customize their travel management program that suits their individual requirements. A lot of agents in the market have access to the best travel technology, providing 24*7 emergency services along with traveler tracking. They can also help in negotiating rates, simplify account management and offer personalized service.

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Brickell Travel Management is an agency in Florida offers their clients with exceptional service, consistent pricing and the ultimate luxury travel with each flight.

Brickell Travel Management is a corporate travel agent in Florida that provides tailored, cost effective solutions and exceptional customer service that ensures maximum return on the business travel investment for business of any size! Further information can be obtained on their website