Save1 Launches Revolutionary Coupon Codes to Feed Users and a Starving Child


Sarasota, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/21/2013 -- The work of non-profits in the poorest regions of Africa is never ending, with poverty and starvation still ever present for young children faced with the very immediate threat of infant mortality through malnutrition and preventable disease. There are many ways individuals can help, by giving regular donations or one off contributions to charities. Save1 has put a new spin on charitable giving with their coupon system, promising to save consumers money on their own purchases while at the same time providing a meal to a starving child.

Save1 offers coupon codes for thousands of the top online stores in America, promising savings on everything from food to clothes and electronics. The concept means every time a coupon is used, a charity receives funding for one meal for one child. It’s an elegant system that means the more people save, the more they save people.

The site has a live stream of the latest coupon codes to be added to the site, offering savings up to a staggering 50% on online purchases. The site introduces itself with a dynamic content gallery in the header that explains in the simplest terms how the offer works, with information on how users can help spread the word and a list of seven promises made by the founders on financial integrity.

A spokesperson for Save1 explained, “We are committed to helping people change the world by changing the way they shop. Many charities ask for donations but very few give something back of a real, immediate value. With this system, we reward our users and then we reward our beneficiaries, so in using our service everybody wins. It’s a practical and surprisingly simple business strategy but it’s already proving incredibly popular, and we need as much help as possible to help spread the word and engage more people in shopping that saves money and lives.”

About Save1
The site started a journey driven by their passion to help the most desperate people in the world. They offer coupons and special deals from thousands of the top online stores in America, with more being added every day. When consumers buy something from any of these stores using one of the Save1 coupons or special offers, the purchase will provide a meal to a hungry child. The more consumers use Save1 to save money, the more children Save1 can help. For more information, please visit: