Joe Bragg

SaveGain Launches Worldwide Site with $5,000 Gift Card Giveaway

To celebrate the launch of their new worldwide online trading platform, SaveGain has created a one of a kind $5,000 gift card give away for the grand opening.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/12/2013 -- China is responsible for creating much of the electronics and fashion we now consume, much of which is bought wholesale by major western brands and sold at huge mark ups after import costs and profit margins have been added. is a website that allows people from all over the world to buy products from the much cheaper Chinese Marketplace and enjoy free shipping to anywhere in the world, promising huge savings. To celebrate the launch of their website, they have created a gift card giveaway with $5,000 in prizes.

SaveGain stock electronics, gadgets and devices of all kinds, from portable speaker systems to games console handsets to mobile phones. The site even sells apparel and accessories, jewelry and more. The site has been designed to give the best quality products to a worldwide audience at Chinese prices.

The giveaway uses an interactive spinning wheel of fortune that individuals simply have to click to stop to gain rewards between $5 and $100 to be redeemed on the website on any product. The total amount of the prize giveaway is $5,000 dollars, and individuals can enter more than once if they share the giveaway on social media to spread the word.

A spokesperson for SaveGain explained, “There is a curious double standard that still holds true for a lot of customers- China is simultaneously associated with ‘cheap imitations’ while creating 90% of the genuine articles people pay western countries a huge mark up for. We have created the gift card giveaway so individuals can make purchases and realise we stock genuine, amazing products at a fraction of the cost they are used to paying. At that point, they won’t just come back for more, they’ll tell friends to do the same.”

About SaveGain is a one stop source for first-quality consumer electronics products at unexpected prices. Products include trendy digital products, consumer electronics, gadgets and gifts items. Based on the Chinese market, they provide customers worldwide with high quality products at low prices straight from China. Whether customers are do-it-yourselfers, hard-core gamers, students, stay-at-home parents, small to medium-sized businesses, IT professionals, resellers or anyone desiring a comprehensive digital lifestyle, SaveGain can help. For more information, please visit: