Seo Experts Announces Growing Interest in Bayeux Tapestries

Save On Tapestries is announcing the companies increased sales growth due to greater consumer demand for one particular line of wall tapestry. Based on month over month sales the company has seen substantially greater demand for one of its top wall art pieces. Bayeux Tapestry replica sales numbers have grown steadily in the last several months adding to the company’s total gross revenue.


Ferndale, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/13/2013 --, a progressive online distributor of high quality woven wall tapestries, proudly announces a marked increase in customer interest with regard to the Bayeux Tapestry collection. The company has shipped literally thousands of high quality replica wall tapestries to satisfied customers across the country and throughout the world. No other online distributor of wall art provides such an extensive selection of beautiful interior décor wall art than Save On Tapestries. The company has experienced steadily traffic increases to their website located online at Much of this increased traffic has been attributed to a growing consumer interest in beautiful Bayeux Tapestry.

The cofounder of Save On Tapestries, Charlotte was recently quoted as saying the following with regard to this recent growing interest in Bayeux Tapestries.

“ We typically closely monitor our daily website traffic and were surprised to discover that there has been an extraordinary increase in interest with regard to the already popular Bayeux Tapestry collection. In response to this growing demand for an already popular and attractive wall tapestry, we have instructed our suppliers to increase production and delivery.”

Charlotte went on to say that while increased interest in a particular type of tapestry is not uncommon, this surprising increase in popularity with regard to the Bayeux Tapestries was not totally unexpected, simply do to the high quality that is inherent in this particular tapestry line.

Most tapestry aficionados appreciate the historical value and the beauty that is naturally a part of almost every Bayeux replica being manufactured today. These tapestries typically expressed a narrative in the form of a scene and are often reminiscent of the medieval period. Considered stunningly attractive by many tapestry experts, the Bayeux Tapestry has a look and feel all its own. These tapestries are skillfully embroidered using high quality wool yarn. In addition, the original Bayeux Tapestry that all subsequent replica tapestries have modeled after is one of the most notable and historically significant textile art pieces in the world.

This famous tapestry tells a story dating back over 1000 years about the Battle Of Hastings. Accurately depicting events of the period, this historical record of days past offers a glimpse into such notable historical characters as William The Conqueror and the Duke Of Normandy. In addition, this storytelling hanging tapestry features impressive Latin text embroidered into the pictorial narrative. Most experts agree that the Bayeux Tapestry was likely commissioned and requested by the well known at the time house of Normandy. One of the most respected artists to create popular reproductions of the original Bayeux Tapestry is William Morris.

The cofounder of Save On Tapestries also recently stated that other already popular wall tapestries have also recently experienced growing popularity. She also mentioned that the company is extremely proud of its excellent customer service and impressive level of continued customer satisfaction. Customer service calls to the main phone number located on the website are always greeted by friendly, knowledgeable and experienced customer service representatives. Charlotte believes that this along with high-quality products is the reason for the websites continued success.

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