BlackGlass pty ltd Manage Insurance Claims to Get the Best Result


Sydney, New South Wales -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/30/2012 -- In our personal lives, making an insurance claim is a time consuming chore, but for business owners the time and energy needed to deal with a complex business insurance claim is drain on resources that can have a significant detrimental effect on profits. However, some innovative insurance brokers are now offering a claims management service to handle both the time and the complexity of an insurance claim.

One such brokerage is, an Australian National Insurance Brokerage with an excellent reputation for their claims management service. brokers are well known for getting the best possible outcome from their client’s insurance claims.

SHC claims management service is detailed on the SHC website which goes into detail about the advantages that using the service can confer on a claim. They explain exactly how their long expertise and specialist knowledge in the insurance industry is leveraged in order to bring claims to the best possible conclusion for their clients.

The site also fully outlines all the steps that a potential customer needs to take in order to appoint Savill Hicks to deal with their claim. It is a very simple process and it is explained in plain English with no insurance industry jargon.

Savill Hicks Corp are extremely up front about their fee schedule, with candid details about exactly how much they charge their claims management clients.

A spokesperson for the site said:

“Amongst other things, we’re very well known for our claims management service. We have over twenty years experience in business insurance in Australia, and managing claims to the outcome that our clients want. Many businesses just don’t have the resources or expertise to deal with a complex insurance claim, and they need someone to take on the pressure of that workload. We also have clients who are facing a possible large financial loss as a result of a difficult situation with their claim and they have turned to us in a crisis. Some of our clients just want to speed up the whole claims process and maximize their payout. Whatever the reasons for using our claims management service, we use our knowledge and expertise to guide the claim along to the best possible outcome. This reduces the customers stress, frees up time to spend managing their business and maximizes the payout.”

About is an Australian National Insurance Brokerage with a focus on innovative solutions and personalised service. They run a full claims management program, in addition to many services relating to both personal and business insurance in Australia.

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