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Saving a Life Has Never Been More Affordable Thanks to CPRHowTo.com

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Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/27/2012 -- One of the most practical, important skills available to American’s everywhere is that of CPR. A reliable, tested method of resuscitation which has saved millions of lives, CPR has meant a second chance for American’s from all corners of the nation.

Now, one company is making it easier than ever before to gain the skills which one day may help to save a life.

Life Saving Training Institute is the premier name in online CPR training. With several high-quality programs aimed at delivering expert CPR skills and education, the team at Life Saving Training Institute are extremely well placed to provide safety-conscious American’s the best online CPR certification available anywhere, as well as the ability to guard against disaster.

Understanding the importance of being prepared should the worst case scenario eventuate, the minds behind Life Saving Training Institute decided to remove one of the biggest barriers people face when considering CPR certification; that of cost. While many programs involve an extremely high fee, something which many motivated and well-meaning members of the public cannot afford, the foundation level certification course offered by Life Saving Training has just had its cost cut once again. The result? At the unbeatable price of $14.95, Life Saving Institute now provides the most affordable and cost-effective method of learning CPR online.

With a digital certificate available for immediate download on course completion, the course offered by Life Saving Training Institute isn’t just the cheapest way to get CPR certified, it’s also the easiest. “We make the course process as simple as can be, with only 4 steps,” the Life Saving Training Institute team confirm. In this way, it’s easier than ever before to learn a new skill, one that could be the difference between life and death.

So while other companies attempt to profit from the good intentions of others, Life Saving Training Institute is continuing to selflessly offer millions across the nation the ability to save a life. By ensuring that there are no barriers present for those seeking access to a quality CPR certification, Life Saving Training Institute is allowing everyone everywhere the opportunity to give their community the greatest gift possible; a second chance.

About Life Saving Training Institute
Life Saving Training Institute is a leading online provider of online CPR and first aid certification. All courses offered by Life Saving Training Institute come with both a digital certificate available for immediate download and a wallet card offered with free shipping. The recent price reductions for their foundation-level CPR certification program now make it the most affordable way to become CPR certified online. For more information, visit http://www.cprhowto.com