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Savvy DIY Tips Help Austin Pet Lovers Breathe Easy


Cedar Park, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/11/2019 -- With a dozen off-leash dog parks, pet-welcoming businesses and a pet ownership rate exceeding 50 percent, Austin ranks as one of the most animal-friendly cities in the U.S. It's true, Austinites love their cats and dogs, but the dander and hair generated by their furry friends—not so much. These pet allergens collect in AC ducts, vents and filters, resulting in poor indoor air quality and leaving allergic family members with stuffy noses and respiratory symptoms.

The Cool Experts, specialists in air conditioning installation services in Austin, TX, remind Central Texas pet owners that allergy-causing contaminants can often be controlled with diligent HVAC maintenance and other common sense measures. The NATE-certified team offers these useful tips to minimize pet allergens, so dog and cat lovers can breathe easy around four-legged friends.

5 Hints for Improving Health & Comfort in Homes With Pets

1. Vacuum frequently. Pets release dander, hair and contaminants brought in from outside. These allergens are deposited on rugs, floors, window coverings and upholstery. Owners should use a vacuum with HEPA filtration to clean these surfaces once or twice a week.

2. Keep pets, bedding & litter boxes clean. Furry pets shed allergy-causing proteins that settle in their coats. Owners can decrease allergen deposits by keeping pets groomed and using washable dog or cat cushions. Cat owners can control litter box allergens by purchasing products that clump, produce low dust and are hypoallergenic.

3. Replace AC filters & schedule duct cleaning. Clogged filters cannot remove airborne contaminants effectively, and dirty ductwork spreads allergens throughout a home. A good cleaning improves AC efficiency and protects the health of pet-sensitive family members.

4. Install indoor air quality (IAQ) equipment. When pet allergies are a problem, specialized air purification and filtration systems may be the solution. Integrated into existing HVAC equipment or added during air conditioner replacement services in Round Rock, TX, Cedar Park or Driftwood, these advanced technologies capture and eliminate up to 99.97 percent of harmful allergens, bacteria and pollutants carried into a home's atmosphere by family pets.

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