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Sawatch Range Watched by a Lady Hiker - Speaking Through the Lens

The art of Conveying Grandeur and Silence Through a Still Image


Wilsonville, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/21/2014 -- Mountains touch the human heart in inexplicable ways. It is fairly easy to capture the grandeur of the mountains through a photograph. The true challenge is in creating an image that also captures the perfect moment, thereby evoking a very specific emotion. The resultant outcome of such a photograph is that it instantly connects with the viewer and pulls one into the time and place that has been captured. David Frate’s photograph ‘Sawatch Range Watched by a Lady Hiker’ evokes this effect.

Every image that passes through our eyes will tell its own story, if frozen and observed. While stories in general are universal in appeal, not all stories appeal to everyone. What makes a story appealing, even though the visual or the image may be alien or strange to the eyes, is the emotion that the photographer infuses into it. Photographer David Frates has been doing just that since his first photograph.

The photograph is question evokes a feeling of strength, resilience and solitude. The human presence of the lady hiker adds new and interesting dimensions to the image. The first question that arises in the viewers’ minds ‘who is she’, is also the least important, since the viewer has already been pulled into the image and now realises that the hiker too is part of the setting and not separate from it.

It takes a high level of technical brilliance, patience and expertise to successfully capture such a landscape. Invariably, the play of light and shadow, owing to the presence of moving clouds over the mountains is both inviting and extremely difficult to capture. But David Frates has ensured crisp detail from the centre foreground of the frame to the edge of the background, where the far blue mountains lie, under a canopy of pure white clouds. To capture the clear contrast of the bright blue sky and the pure white clouds, while also allowing the viewers’ attention to fall upon the mountains below is yet another mark of photographic genius.

Ultimately, one is left with the feeling of breath-taking beauty, and is also waiting impatiently, for the hiker to walk towards greater heights!

About David Frates
David Frates is an award winning photographer whose works have been featured in National Geographic, Sierra Club and Audubon.

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