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Sax LLP Delivers Expanded Financial Service Offerings Through Expert Wealth Management Division


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/09/2016 -- Sax LLP, an accounting, tax and advisory firm based out of locations in Clifton, NJ and New York, NY, has detailed the variety of wealth management services they are able to provide to their clients. A more thorough and comprehensive outline of these services is available on the company's website, listed in the contact information below, under the heading "Wealth Management Services."

To begin their description of the company's wealth management services, Sax LLP explains that they maintain a select group of employees, termed Sax Wealth Advisors, who are specially trained and suited to assist customers through the process of these services. These advisors utilize an academic, research-based approach to investing, according to Sax LLP, designed to provide investors with a lower-risk alternative to more common Wall Street and "market-based" investing.

Beyond the investing strategy, Sax LLP's website stresses that a primary focus of their wealth management program is on developing a strong client relationship with individuals who choose the financial services firm for their wealth management needs. The company stresses their ability to adapt to an individual's specific needs and adjust their strategy alongside life's every-changing circumstances.

Among the particular investment tools and strategies noted to be used in Sax LLP's approach are Monte Carlo retirement analysis, customized investment statements and a Planning Center client portal. In addition to the investing strategies and methodologies themselves, Sax LLP's announcement of their wealth management services also notes the additional "value-added services" they provide to their clients. These services include estate planning, personal retirement planning, risk management, college savings calculations, social security analysis and tax loss harvesting, among others.

Each of these value-added services are described in detail in the aforementioned wealth management section of the firm's website, found at

About Sax LLP
Sax LLP has strived to provide their clients with success for over 60 years as a multi-disciplinary financial services firm. The firm lists a diverse array of client types including closely held companies, family-owned businesses, not-for-profit organizations and high net-worth individuals. They are a member of the RSM US Alliance (formerly McGladrey Alliance) an industry-leading affiliation of some of the top accounting and consulting firms in the country. Specific contact information for their employees who specialize in wealth management is also available through their website.

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