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Sax School Offers Saxophone Lessons Online

Sax School is an online saxophone tutorial with step-by-step video lessons that are easy to learn and practice by following instructions on the screen. The instructor is Nigel McGill, who is a professional saxophone player.


West Yorkshire, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/10/2014 -- Saxophone is a 19th century musical instrument that is prominent in band performances even today. From military bands to jazz and classical music, saxophone founds foothold in various kinds of music performances. Though it is widely used, the instrument apparently looks quite a complex one to play and that is why not many opt to learn. However, online saxophone lessons by Nigel McGill at Sax School ought to change the perception. Sax School is an online tutorial with stepwise instructions on the art of playing saxophone. The owner of the online school and the chief instructor at it is Nigel McGill, who is a professional saxophone player and performs at various events as well as for television shows.

The lessons offered at Sax School cover all aspects of learning how to play saxophone and are divided into progressive levels to provide required support according to the level of learners. There are 4 levels of lessons, viz., Getting Started, Notes and Skills, Jazz and Pop Tunes and classic Sax Solos. As obvious, Getting Started is for beginners and has lessons from assembling a saxophone to playing the tune right for the first time. Those who need to brush up their skill can begin with the level Notes and Skills, where tips on what and how to practice are provided. Jazz and Pop Tunes is for learning classic melodies while Classic Sax Solos is for solo pop sax. There are loads of tunes for Jazz and Pop and learners have much to challenges themselves with. On the other hand, classic solo sax lessons graduate from easy to advanced level.

One of the reasons why Sax School has been successful and efficient in its objective is the elimination of the boredom that is typically felt during any tutorial and throughout the course. McGill has made lessons fun and entertaining and it is evident from the vast age-window to which its members belong. From a 13 year old teenager to a passionate person in 80s has learnt how to play saxophone from McGill through his Sax School. Members of the online tutorial gain 24x7 access to the members’ area and can learn as, when and where suitable for them. Sax School has members in more than 70 countries and all members can share ideas as well as seek additional support from each other. The library has more than 200 saxophone lessons and new lessons are added every week.

About Sax School
Sax School is an online saxophone training school that has stepwise instructions and progressive levels of lessons. Its founder is Nigel McGill, who is a professional saxophone player and has performed in theatres, clubs and festivals throughout the world. His music also features in television shows such as Brothers and Sisters, Medium and 24.

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