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Saxophonist Shlomi Cohen Releases Debut Album Breather

Saxophonist Shlomi Cohen Releases Debut Album Breather


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/29/2013 -- Grammy nominated saxophonist Shlomi Cohen is ready to release his debut album, Breather. The album will be a unique, eclectic and soulful mix of blues, pop, jazz and Middle Eastern music, reflecting his wide musical influences and inspiration. Shlomi describes his album as “a collection of covers of Jewish music: modern interpretations of traditional songs.”

With Breather, Shlomi hopes to deliver his unique brand of world music, fusing live and electronic music with his versatile saxophone sounds, reflecting his Moroccan, Yemeni and Israeli roots.

The Artist

Shlomi grew up in Jaffa in Tel Aviv, Israel, in a family of musicians. As a child he spent hours behind the piano focused on classical music. And when he wasn't behind the keys, he would listen to the radio. By age 11, he discovered the saxophone.

He then attended the Tel Aviv School of Arts and played with the Youth Orchestra. He also took lessons from a private teacher who introduced him to jazz fusion. He was exposed to the music of Michael Brecker and the Brecker Brothers, who served as a huge inspiration to him. His life’s playlist also includes Brazilian jazz, soul, funk, Arabic music, jazz fusion, heavy metal and pop.

The Album

Shlomi first met his co-producer, Ian Freitor, in Ian’s studio where Shlomi was doing some session work for another musician. This is where they met Executive Producer Avi Newmark, who first conceived of the collaboration that would lead to Breather, four years later.

Shlomi and Ian then started working in the studio together, where they soon found themselves flowing from brainstorming to laying out the first song. From there they found their voice and their unique style of collaboration. Shlomi says, “The two of us found a lot of inspiration from the musicians we worked with who come from all over the world. These musicians were specifically selected for their unique sound and style, and their contribution far exceeded our expectations.”

The Pledge

“So, two ultra-perfectionists + top quality musicians from around the world + hours and hours of studio time = 1 album ready to release,” Shlomi says. He has launched a Kickstarter campaign to support the release of Breather. The proceeds will go to distribution and marketing, as well as to the production of a music video of one of the songs. Shlomi adds, “In this world of rapacious recording companies producing and distributing only the songs that meet the least common denominator of our society's tastes, we want to circumvent the stranglehold that these companies have on the music industry by making our own album and sharing it with the world.”

Shlomi Cohen