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Sayan Health Announces the Launch of Yet Another Rare Chaga Product

Country's largest supplier of chaga extract to provide raw chaga says company founder


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/16/2014 -- The world's environment grows more polluted on a daily basis, and one of the unfortunate negative effects of this pollution is the number of free radicals that form in the human body in the presence of hazardous ultraviolet light, cigarette smoke and air pollution. Free radicals harm the body because, as unstable molecules, they steal electrons from healthy and stable molecules nearby, which in turn creates an unhealthy and damaging chain reaction within the body. This leads to premature aging and disease. Foods and supplements rich in antioxidants prevent as well as halt this reaction, because the free radicals attach to the ingested antioxidants, circumventing cellular injury. One of the most powerful antioxidants in the world, even more so than the renowned Acai berry, is the Chaga mushroom. Sayan Health (, America's number one supplier of 100% pure Chaga extract, has just announced it will launch a new raw Chaga product in June of 2014. This raw Chaga mushroom is in addition to Sayan Health's launch of three Chaga specialty soaps earlier this month.

David Vartanian, Sayan Health founder, is enthusiastic about the company's newest product and about the benefits of Chaga in general. "Chaga is a powerful adaptogen and the most potent antioxidant on earth," he said in a recent interview. "Sayan Health is proud to be the largest provider of high quality Chaga extract in the United States. When drunk as a tea or taken in powder or capsule form, Chaga supports a healthy immune system, diminishes fatigue and provides a stable source of lasting energy. One of the primary reasons people like Chaga is because of its amazing ability to help them cope with all kinds of stress. Everyone who tries it falls in love with the stuff"

Chaga is a unique type of atypical mushroom which grows on birch trees in areas of the world where the temperatures are cold for most of the year. Chaga contains as many as 215 unique nutrients and antioxidants, some of which are not found anywhere else. The beneficial components in Chaga are most concentrated when harvested in areas where the temperatures are -40°F for at least five months of the year, which is why the world's best Chaga is harvested in Siberia, where people have used the mushroom in various forms for centuries to detoxify the body as well as to aid digestion and general well being.

About Sayan Health
Sayan Health is a California based provider of renewable, environmentally friendly natural health products with substantial health and wellness benefits. They have sold the finest responsibly handpicked Chaga mushroom powder, extract, oils and derivative products since 2007 and are the country's largest provider of all natural Chaga extract.