Sayes Worldwide SDN BHD Revolutionizes Fruit, Vegetable and Salad Preparation


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/14/2012 -- Cooking can be a great pleasure, but one of the more frustrating parts is the preparation, particularly of fruits and vegetables. It can sometimes take up the bulk of cooking time, and conventional tools such as knives and peelers are generally regarded as slow and inadequate. They can even be dangerous, leading to accidental cuts because of knife slipping.

One website that is getting a lot of attention in this area is They are selling a machine called the Nicer Dicer Plus which has been said to reduce fruit and vegetable preparation time significantly. The Nicer Dicer Plus is starting to build an impressive reputation for swift food preparation.

The Nicer Dicer Plus consists of a slicing mechanism with five different inserts for different types of fruit and vegetable slicing. It’s capable of julienne, dicing, thin slices, grating and many other types of cut. The kit also includes a sharp peeler, specifically designed to make peeling vegetables easy.

When the device cuts the fruits or vegetables, the resulting chopped product neatly falls into a collection container. This can then be sealed up and used as a storage container if so desired.

The website contains a full description of the Nicer Dicer Plus, along with detailed high resolution photographs of the device. In addition to the Nicer Dicer Plus, also sells a huge variety of other novel devices for use in the home.

A spokesperson for the site said: “Preparing fruit, vegetables and salads is perhaps the most tedious and joyless part of cooking. It’s also the time when most accidents happen in the kitchen. It’s certainly not uncommon to slip with a knife and give yourself a nasty cut on the finger. We thought there must be a better way to prepare fruits and vegetables, so we created the Nicer Dicer Plus, a revolutionary new all in one preparation solution. The main benefit of the Nicer Dicer Plus is the time that it saves. It lets you get the boring part of cooking out of the way in seconds. It can chop all sorts of fruits and vegetables in different sizes and different ways. It’s suitable for almost any recipe in any type of cuisine.”

About is an online ecommerce website that sells a variety of interesting domestic gadgets, including the Nicer Dicer Plus, a revolutionary new fruit and vegetable preparation solution.

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