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SB 127- Roofing Registration Bill in Austin, Texas: Passing a Test on Contracting Principles and Roofing Services

In response to the long wait for the bill discussing all the roofers in Houston to pass a test on contracting principles and services, there is a list of procedures in dealing with the roofers.


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/23/2014 -- State Roofing Company, together with the Roofing Contractors Association of Texas (RCAT), earned strong support to SB 127- Roofing Registration Bill in Austin, Texas. Related to that bill, in 2013, Sen. John Corona, R- Dallas Chairman of the Senate Business and Commerce Committee, initiated a bill in Houston requiring the roofing contractors to be licensed and regulated.

According to the Houston roofing legislators, this bill would require all the roofers to pass a test on contracting principles and the services of roofing. Also, this would provide proof of financial responsibility and insurance and undergo criminal background checks among other conditions.

Houston homeowners topped the roof issues on their list as the most common problem. Moving forward, the roofing legislators discussed the need of homeowners, addressing high homeowner insurance rates in spite of extreme weather that eventually result in widespread property damage.

This bill might take a long time for lawmakers to review and evaluate before passing it to law. As for now, the homeowners were advised to keep in their minds some steps in choosing the right roofers.

Selecting the right contractor for a roofing project is a challenging task. Making sure that the process is as simple and cost effective as possible is a must. In that sense, homeowners cannot rest assured that roofers could get the job done right.

First, it is necessary to verify that the roofing contractor required available business licenses within the state or local area. The licensing board of Department of Professional Regulation may answer the questions regarding the roofing business licenses. Also, asking the tax identification number, a business address, business website or email address and contact phone number is a good question. This would verify if the business is legitimate.

Furthermore, to provide the proof of insurance, including the compensation of the worker and liability coverage, ask the roofing contractors. Note that it would protect the homeowners from lawsuits, just in case, any of the workers got injured.

Ask then the roofers for proof that shows approval from the roofing manufacturer to install the chosen roof. This would ensure proper installation since contractors with special training, licenses and certification could work with some type of roofing.

Moreover, looking forward for the days that would be spent on the project must be counted in. Knowing the time span of the project would be a lot easier for homeowners to supervise the roofing project.

Next, read the warranty information and seek for understanding the whole context. This is to see any action or exception that may possibly void the warranty.

Lastly, make a research and compare the services, fees and warranties provided by several different roofing contractors before ending with the final decision.

The procedure for passing the bill being supported by the homeowners of Houston may take a long period of time. As for now, choosing the best constructors of roof may be a daunting task, but time will come, the bill would be a great help, most especially for homeowners who are in need.

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