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SBN Helps Businesses Grow Efficiently with Innovative Virtual Office Solutions


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/18/2016 -- While entrepreneurs everywhere know that time is their best asset, pivotally they find that there aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done - and while a little help goes a long way, its commonplace that new start-ups lack the resources or cash necessary to take on new employees straight away. Add this to limited or no office space for meetings and a phone line that can't always be answered, alarmingly this means that many small businesses fail within the first trading year.


Enter SBN. Founded by seasoned entrepreneur Mark Odenore, it provides the perfect solution for busy impresarios who when faced with the dilemma of being unable to afford their own offices or staff have now got a viable option to let their operations run efficiently and professionally. Partnering with SBN helps them to break down traditional barriers to profitability in their chosen sector and all the while grants them time to get on with what they're good at - boosting their bottom line and running their business.


Outsourcing is simply viewed by many as a way to cut costs. The phenomenon has given rise to a vertical industry all of its own with many entrepreneurs asking themselves 'why pay someone a full time salary and all the benefits that go with it when you can get it done remotely, at just a fraction of the price? Why conduct business meetings in a crowded coffee shop when you can use luxurious and well equipped offices without having to worry about furniture or running costs?'

Whittling costs down to an operational minimum is a necessity for most concerns, but outsourcing is also about the benefits it gives - from accessing skilled expertise otherwise unavailable, reducing overheads and tapping into staffing solutions that are geared to specific needs. The result? Start-ups and businesses are put in good stead for ongoing success.


With a myriad of solutions that are custom made to meet every small business owner's needs, more and more businesses are turning to SBN.

SBN assists them to not only achieve their goals and run a successful, profitable venture but benefit from some of the best office space in the country. With a spectrum of sought after locations including Stratford, London and the world famous Regents Street, London, SBN now presents everything from flexible, convenient space ideal for short meetings to state of the art conference rooms.

Solutions also include professional staff including virtual PAs, office managers and receptionists as well as mailboxes, parcel services and virtual offices - all of which make working with SBN a must for today's business owner that seeks professionalism and all at a very reasonable price.

To find out more about the huge range of affordable and quality services SBN have to offer go to, get in touch at or call 03336660088 today.

Don't become just another statistic; let SBN help your business thrive.

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