Sbshopflash.Com Announces the First Weekly Sb (Small Business) 'Shop Flash' Event May 11, 2013


Palm Coast, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/08/2013 -- What is a ‘shop flash’ you ask? A simple twist on the popular ‘flash mob’ concept, but instead of going to physical locations to surprise onlookers, supporters of small business America will converge at each Saturday between the hours of 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. The Small business to be ‘shop flashed’ will be on the front page of the site, along with their logo and mission statement. All supporters are asked to tweet and recommend a business they would love to see ‘shop flashed’ and each Saturday a lucky business will appear! All supporting ‘shop flashers’ are asked to spend at least $10 or purchase a gift certificate (using for the participating business.

There will be a Twitter contest held each Saturday to coincide with the business being ‘shop flashed’ and of course no purchase is necessary. Anyone can enter by simply tweeting, “I support ‘#sbAmerica’ Join the shop flash!” A winner will be chosen randomly.

Taking a brazen approach to sort out the economy in a way many politicians and heavily respected business leaders have seemingly failed to do, the inspirational founder behind the website is challenging small business owners and customers alike to take the economy into our own hands, $10 at a time. Small businesses deserve to be patronized more than one Saturday a year, everyone can agree on that.

In a challenging move, Arlette is cutting through red tape and bureaucracy to provide immediate assistance and financial support to accelerate much needed business stimulus for the American Small Business economy.

“When the World Bank compared countries for the time, effort and cost it takes to get a business off the ground, New Zealand and Australia came first and second, the United States finished ninth yet the USA is seen as the land of opportunity”. SBShopFlash seeks to redress the balance, growing businesses in untraditional ways. Small businesses don’t need one time money, they need a loyal customer base who will support them long term. Loyal customers who will help them grow and sustain their already existing businesses. We tend to concentrate on start-ups and not give enough thought to aged businesses that need a little lift!

Small businesses account for 99.7% of firms and 64% of job creation but they aren’t growing quickly enough to lower the employment rate. For entrepreneurs, the most important challenge is not actually starting a business but growing it from three employees to 30…to 300, to 3,000.

“In today’s economy, self-employment is the new employment. Take the company of one, the smallest of small businesses - the mircopreneur – accounting for one-third of the workforce, the self-employed business is 40 million and growing. By the end of the decade 40% of the US labor force will be self-employed according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics,” adds Arlette

SBShopFlash aims to restore the American Dream and the American Spirit. We are resilient, creative and most of all; supportive of one another when it counts the most.

“The goal is to raise the bottom-line for small businesses, this will not only improve the economy but improve the spirit of American entrepreneurs as well,” says Arlette. Trust me the American Dream is alive and well, we just have to continue to nurture it!

About’s mission is to Strengthen Small Business America by providing an online medium for exposure and growth. The hope and dream is to improve the lives of small business owners, recapture the American Dream and in turn improve the economy and the American Spirit! This can be achieved with the support of the American People via a weekly online ‘shop flash’ to support small businesses. What are you waiting for; join the ‘Shop Flash’!

Media Contact:
Trecia Arlette
Palm Coast, FL