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SC Systems Reveals the Secret to Successfully Managing Technology now provides comprehensive managed computer services to ensure clients make the most of their technology


Edmonton, AB -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/17/2014 -- Companies frequently struggle when it comes to IT issues. Some organizations discover they are unable to resolve issues in a timely manner, while others need assistance with troubleshooting applications. No matter where one is struggling, SC Systems, an Edmonton IT company, provides managed computer services designed to address these problem areas.

"Time is money and inefficient operating systems cut into a company's profits. Many companies find they cannot keep up with changing technology and need outside help to improve overall productivity while increasing profits. With the help of managed computer services in Edmonton, companies of any size find they can achieve their goals and improve their technology quickly and easily," Shant Chakmakian, spokesperson for SC Systems, explains.

SC Systems remains committed to providing worry-free technology services for small to medium sized businesses. Companies in need of network administration find the guidance and support offered through SC Systems benefits them in a number of ways. Backup management ensures information remains secure at all times, even in the event of a loss, while configuration management documents and maintains the client's configuration to reduce resolution times for incidents.

"SC Systems recognizes each company is unique and customizes services to meet the needs of the clients. Network administration offers just one example of this. The company also assists with vulnerability management as well as service contracts and warranties, to ensure the client stays ahead of the curve through the reduction of technology risk," Chakmakian continues.

IT advisory services function to show businesses how to make use of their IT systems to meet their business goals, and companies find they have a choice between virtual CIO services, a virtual IT manager, or both. When an issue does arise, reactive support kicks in, providing help desk services, emergency change management, and incident management resources. SC Systems covers the labor costs, also, whenever they didn't prevent the problem from occurring, as clients deserve nothing less.

"The key to success in this area lies in finding the right provider and SC Systems understands this. Visit the website to learn what to look for when choosing a provider, questions to ask of a provider before committing, five determining factors to apply before you actually hire a firm, and more. SC Systems realizes each client comes with their own demands and requirements and works to help each business find the firm that is right for them. The resources at the site provide the information businesses need to make an informed choice, one which works for them," Chakmakian proclaims.

About SC Systems
SC Systems, a full-service IT management company for small and medium businesses, pro-actively manages and maintains client technology for a flat monthly fee. The company connects businesses to worry-free technology, as this technology is their passion while serving others is their calling, and the company commits to this with every client. Technology needs to be a strategic asset, rather than a cost, and SC Systems makes certain this is the case for every client, providing the appropriate level of vendor and industry best-practices to the client environment.