Scalable Offers Easy to Use and Cost Effective Integrated Application Packaging, Distribution and Patch Management Services


Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/17/2012 -- Scalable offers easy to use and cost effective integrated Application Packaging, distribution and patch management services. Their Professional service technicians have the expertise to package any applications and prepare it for network distribution. With Scalable clients can save time, money and ensure a successful deployment. A spokesperson stated, “We want your experience of Scalable as an IT Asset management software vendor to be totally different to anything you have experienced. We only value about you getting value from your relationship with us. We are fanatical about it.”

Creating a user-friendly installation package out of a software project is one of the most essential steps when it comes to preparing software for distribution. Windows Installer is a Windows technology that is created for software installation management, tracking software components additions and deletions, and ensuring software configuration consistency at any moment of time. This technology consists of two parts - MSI installer service is the part of the operation system and Microsoft Software Installation (MSI) packages. Installer service manages installation and modification of MSI packages on a computer. Since Windows Installer is one of the most common application packaging installer for MSI packaging and installing software for Windows. The software also provides hybrid installation technology; something that is unique when it comes to installation package building software. This hybrid installer technology helps developers to overcome the inherent limitations of Windows Installer and have more freedom when it comes to customizing and optimizing their software packages.

Scalable application Packaging Solutions helps IT professionals manage the entire life cycle of IT assets, from the moment they enter the organization until they are retired in a cost-effective manner. By focusing on the exact IT asset needs of an organization, they ensure capital is optimally deployed, profitability is improved and productivity greatly enhanced. Scalable has been offering application packaging solutions to thousands of companies over the years. Since 1999 over 10,000 organizations worldwide have used Scalable solutions to manage and control expense across their IT estates, reporting a substantial return on investment and a reduction in the total cost of ownership.

Scalable Software is a leading innovator in delivering cost-effective IT Asset Lifecycle Management solutions. The Scalable Solution Experts are highly capable and skilled value added resellers and systems integrators that have developed value added services to help customers drive costs out of IT. Their Solution Experts Program is designed for partners to enhance, extend, and support Scalable’s products and technologies through their products and valued-added services. To learn more visit