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Scalada Holdings, Ltd. Announces a Game Changing Upgrade of Its Unique Water Treatment System


Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/17/2013 -- Manly Logan, CEO of Scalada Holdings, Ltd. ( announced today the long awaited upgrade of the company’s patented Elemental Ionization System (EIS) for water treatment and reclamation has been completed. The upgrade will vastly increase the efficiency water processing.

Scalada Holdings’ unique and patented Elemental Ionization System (EIS) uses a special combination of elemental ion chargers and non-contaminating additives to clean up waste waters in ways that are economical, environmentally friendly and profitable. The Elemental Ionization System is considered faster, cleaner, and more efficient than that of any other company worldwide, and it can be offered at a fraction of the price.

The new generation system will increase the purity of the output, significantly speed up the processing times (up to 50-60% quicker), and remove higher levels of pollutants. It is expected that the new system will even be able to clean polluted waters to “bottle water” levels, if required. The original system was already considered to be the game changer in the water treatment industry that is estimated to reach $9 billion annually by 2020. The new system will firmly establish Scalada Holdings as a world leader in the field.

The system upgrade will allow Scalada not only to comfortably meet, but potentially exceed the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations by more than 50%. The EPA’s Water Quality Standards protect uses of water bodies including streams and wetlands and form the foundation of the water quality-based pollution control program mandated by the Clean Water Act of 1972. Water Quality Standards define the goals for a water body by designating its uses, setting criteria to protect those uses, and establishing provisions such as antidegradation policies to protect water bodies from pollutants.

Scalada’s Logan stated that “We at Scalada, as part of our ongoing commitment to total clean up and recycling in a manner which is economically and environmentally viable and sustainable, are thrilled that our vastly improved technology will support EPA and other clean water efforts.”

The system was initially designed and produced for onsite treatment of waste waters produced in hydraulic fracking and other energy production processes. Through its wholly owned subsidiaries, Titan Holdings Inc. and Cherokee Holdings, LLC, Scalada developed processing centers that remediate, recycle, and reuse contaminated wastewaters produced by global oil and gas production. According to the Argonne National Laboratory operated by the University of Chicago for the U.S. Department of Energy, at least 9 billion liters of contaminated waters are produced daily in the U.S. alone by the country’s oil and gas wells.

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Scalada Holdings, Ltd. is in the business of bringing green solutions to the global marketplace that produce sustainable outcomes through its wholly owned subsidiaries Titan Holdings Inc., a Nevada based environmental company, and Cherokee Holdings, LLC. an engineering firm. Scalada Holdings provides integrated solutions over a wide range of technologies, services and extensive knowledge to allow global institutions to meet their environmental goals.

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