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Scam Review Websites Extort Money with Fake Reviews


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/01/2012 -- There has been scam/complaint sites that are put up with the sole purpose of tearing down people in the public eye. They are in the business of making phoney complaints about an individual or company all over the Internet, then extorting money to take the reviews down. They write about companies and trash them—and Google supports these sites!

There isn’t any question that the Web is a perfect venue for marketing. However, along with the benefits come risks, in part due to the core qualities of this medium: instant global reach, anonymity, and openness. Because the Internet realm has witnessed so little formal policing, it is perfect for the ‘hijacking’ of brands on the Internet.

Scammers realized that the power and value of your brand is great for business—their business—as well as their gains will come at the marketer’s expense. As a consequence, the Internet realm requires close monitoring. And due to online branding abuse causing significant brand erosion, marketers might possess the greatest stake of anybody as it’ll come to protecting reputations on the Internet. Some companies are now fighting back. Companies like Dean Enterprises are taking back their reputations by dealing with the issue head on.

Dean Graziosi and Dean Enterprises are extremely dedicated to resolving, preventing, and addressing complaints from any of their valued customers or anyone who has had interactions with their company and/or directly associated organizations. Strategic websites, in particular review websites, are in the business of making fake complaints to get money. So Dean has created this website: to specifically deal with customer complaints in a professional manner.

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