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Cypress, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/31/2013 -- Please disregard, this is just another pathetic, cowardly, desperate attempt by a competitors who from the start has not been able to stand on his own merits and has followed and copied all of our ideas even changing his verbiage on his website to match ours as we progressed.

We have monitored and documented his website changes from the start, online activities and business practices to assemble a detailed timeline backed by hard documentation.

Note, how he uses the different variations of the name of our product "; DOM Dugout Organizer Dugout Manager Dugout Manager" to make sure this comment follows us.

He only continues to provide more information that he will be held accountable in the near future. We are quite aware of his associates that have called and e-mailed us to get information.

We have several thousand customers across the US, Canada and Hawaii without a single issue, complaint or problem. It’s sad that we have allowed such forums to let individuals make unsubstantiated claims and cheap shots with no proof or verification.

DS Stewart also known as anonymous on scambook mysteriously is not available to comment nor could be reached, what a surprise.

What American do you know that would spend their hard earned money and then just quit and say “I will never call back just chalk it up as loss”. DS Stewart may not be aware that all communications done on any computer can be traced back to its origin using the Mac address provided on every computer in the world.

We are going to make sure that DS Stewart D Simmons Howard Kingsley also known as anonymous on scambook learns the difference between Patent vs.

Trademark and more importantly to be accountable for his written comments, actions, and vindictive methods so we can help him learn a lesson and then perhaps in the future will to do the next right thing in life and business.

You can always go to our website http://www.dugoutmanager.com/ and click on trunslink to view our reviews, they are all positive and we don’t have no negatives reviews.

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